Delhi’s odd-even scheme, how it is working?


Delhi has started following odd-even trial run to control traffic, began on Jan 1st. But still final rehearsal is due on Jan 4th. First day, first show: looks like odd-even scheme could be a winner!

In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, Delhi Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal clarified that the odd-even formula in Delhi is not a permanent measure and will end on January 15, 2016. “After that we will reassess the situation and the future course of action will be taken based on our reassessment meeting,” he said.

He said, “Practically it is not possible to implement the odd-even scheme permanently. Usually such measures are required when the pollution level is higher and we will continue to implement such scheme whenever it needed for the betterment of Delhi.”


I think Delhi govt needs to think properly and probably need to make sure what ‘aam Adami’ is talking about this odd-even rule. Since there are some odd-even flaws in this scheme that govt needs to take care of:

1. No detailed study
2. Random exemptions for bikers, women, VIPs leaving over 90% untouched
3. Public transport unprepared

If this policy is permanently disabled after January 15th. What’s the bloody point of all the hoohaa if it’s just meant to show a brief dip in air pollution, and then we return to the madness. It’s okay taking your car 15 days a month, but it’s not okay, with populist measures that have no teeth.

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