WhatsApp to get Video Calling Feature

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become a part of our daily routine. The first thing we check in the morning is to check the app and it is also the same in late night. We have even heard people divorce their wife/husband over the ‘The Last Seen’ status. But, we sometimes missed the video calling feature on the app, didn’t you? Means, it was a bit tedious to have Skype in your phone, just to make a video calls, once in a while, that is when, Windows almost screwed it after the acquisition.


Now, the big news is, WhatsApp being launched with the new video calling functionality, BGR, the famous tech blog has reported the same. According to them, WhatsApp is launching the functionality on iOS first and then it will follow to Android and Windows as well. The blog has leaked some screenshots of the App showing video calls from WhatsApp.


The new video calling feature will increase the popularity of the application and seems to be a logical step. After the feature released WhatsApp will be looking horns with the likes of Skype and Apple FaceTime. Stay Tuned for more updates.

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