How to Make Colourful & Attractive Rangoli in Few Easy Steps

As the most celebrated festival in the country is standing a few steps away from our doorsteps, so let’s welcome it in the best possible way. And what can be better than making a Rangoli. Today, we bring you a simple tutorial of making an attractive rangoli design that you can easily make anywhere in your home to cherish the occasion.

Step 1: Select a plain and clean surface where you want to make a rangoli.

Step 2: Make a circle with chalk that will serve as the centre point for your rangoli.

Step 3: Fill this circle with flower petals of your choice.

Step 4: Make another circle with same centre but with a bigger radius; this will serve as the circumference for your rangoli.

Step 5: Make designs of your choice in a way that it does not exceed the circumference and the design looks symmetric.

Step 6: In the end, give a final touch-up to your rangoli by giving fine detailings here and there.

Your Rangoli is now ready to woo others.

Simple, isn’t it!

Watch this video for better understanding.


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