Share My Dabba Campaign – An initiative towards hunger!

DabbaWallah, if you have ever been to Mumbai or any of your known who is there in Mumbai and order food from outside, must be aware of one of the biggest chain of delivering food every day to corporates and individuals. But do you know that Dabbawallah, is not only providing paid services, along with this business, they also fulfil a hunger’s need.

It used to happen that returned lunch boxes contained left-over food, like Chapatis, rice, pickles, sometimes even dals and veggies and in short, a tone of nutrition food wastage every day, collectively all over the city. To counter this, the ‘Share my Dabba’ initiative began to allow people to share their lunch with the less fortunate hungry street children. A sticker on the box means the leftover contents are to be distributed among the needy.

Dabbawallah is associated with Happy Life Welfare Society and started ‘Share my Dabba’, and more about this initiative is described in the video below.

Very well done! So if they can, why can’t us, let’s share our food with needy people, and bring a smile on their faces.

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