How to make a Water Candle

How to Make Decorative Water Candles with Usual Things

Diwali is about to come and people are decorating their houses with various stuff. The most interest stuff to decorate our houses on this auspicious occasion are the decorative candles. Generally people buy this kind of candles from the market and they cost too much. But do you know that you can also make stylish candles by own at your home using some general materials. Here we are going to tell you, how to make decorative water candles with usual things that you can find at home using following simple steps:

1. Collect the material- an empty soft drink/water plastic bottle, an empty transparent glass, some old birthday candles, some water, some olive/sunflower oil, scissors, some decorative stuff like pebbles, sparkles, small plastic toys, artificial flowers/leaves etc.

2. Cut the upper convex part of the soft drink/water bottle in round shape like a big eye contact lens or a little bowl with the help of a scissor and make a pinhole in its centre.

3. Peel off the thread from a used birthday candle and put it through the pinhole of the plastic bottle piece.

4. Fill a glass half or three-quarter with water and drop some decorative stuff in it as per you want.

5. Float that little plastic bowl with candle thread on water and pour some olive/sunflower oil in it.

6. Make some more candles like this with different decorative stuff, lighten them and decorate you beautiful house on Diwali.

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