5 ways to style your white shirt

White shirt – it is one of the fashion essentials that you will find in every girl’s closet. Fashion and new trends evolves every single day that make you stand out in your group. But white shirt is the trend which is adapted years ago and still holds a prominent place in existing fashion. The versatility of classic white shirt can be reflected with any dressed up or dressed down piece making it more perpetual. Your plain white shirt can be paired up with your favorite denim, a pair of comfortable sneakers, your stylish pencil skirt and many more. Find more ways comprising various styling alternatives which you can try easily:

1. Combine it with your favorite pair of jeans

Your favorite pair of denim or jeans goes well with any piece, similarly with your classic white shirt. Both of the pieces white shirt and a pair of jeans along with some captivating accessories brings a refreshing and chic look.BlueJeanWhiteShirt2

2. Pair it with your comfortable sneakers

To acquire a sporty look, take your comfortable pair of sneakers and combine it with your plain white shirt which easily states that looking chic and stylish is always been effortless!

pair white shirt with sneakers

3. Blend it with you skirt

Whether you have a long skirt, midi, knee length skirt or short, the classy white shirt adds an interesting oomph factor to your style statement.


4. Boost it with light colors

Pairing your classic white shirt with couples of clean white denim is another style statement which brings a marvelous look for any party or for your workplace. For an over-angelic appearance, this tip helps the most!


5. Layering your white shirt with warm pieces

Whenever, the season is, you can layer your white shirt with warm clothes like trench coat, blazer, warm sweaters, pullovers or even the pair of eccentric overalls.


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