8 Mistakes Every Drunk Person Has Made

People drink to have fun, but sometimes after drinking they get a little crazy! And do drunky mistakes like dancing with a stranger, calling our ex’s, dancing like a stripper and a lot more! And we all have those few friends who get out of control and starts like flying high and they come in limelight. Oh Yeah! Even sometimes bouncers have thrown you out, coz of that one friend! Here are 8 common mistakes that every drunk person has made:

1) Hooking Up With Someone You Don’t Really Like


2.) Drunk Dialing Your Ex

drunk and dialing

3.) Drinking Straight from the Bottle (Bottoms Up)


4.) Dancing with a Stranger at Bar


5.) Acting like a Stripper


6.) Peeing in Public

peeing in public

7.) Posing for Photos with an Ugly Face


8.) Passing Out in Inappropriate Places


That’s true that people drink since they just need to cut loose and you end up going a little too far. But you know you’ve got “friends” who sometimes are guilty coz of your drunky mistakes. If you want to have a good time (and why you shouldn’t), just be sure to keep track of how much you’re drinking, how much you’ve eaten, and how much time has passed. And try to only cut this loose only if are with your BFF.

Tequila Sunrise, Whiskey Rocks, or Vodka Soda, whatever your taste is, have fun, shake it on the dance floor, laugh with your friends, but be safe. No one likes to drunk-sit and if you’re old enough to have fun drinking, you should be old enough to hold your liquor. Of course, we all have to learn somehow.

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