Plan a Birthday party for kids in lower Budget

In some of the celebrations, it is not enough to put food on your dinner table and play soothing music. On the day of your child’s birthday, they expect something special and big – but sometimes it is hard to give them what they desire for!

Thus, instead of thinking that you can’t afford, try to think creatively and prepare something that you can do in your budget, in this we can help you! You might be throwing birthday bash for your son or daughter, which would be more meaningful.

Read on the following ideas, as your child smile is just after some sentences or paragraphs:

Do everything by yourself

Party planning is not so difficult. Parents know how to make their child happy with some little things. Some stuffs like plates, hats, wrapping tables, colorful ribbons usually available within an aisle or you can easily bought from any budget. Collect some craft items, to make some funny pictures and pin to your wall, blow up some balloons and decorate the room just the way your child like.

Buying a cake from market might cost you pay extra bucks, whereas making one by yourself probably cost you less. Update yourself with the basic tips of cooking and garnishing your cake, you can also take help from some inspiring websites like flicker, Pinterest and many more, to get the host of creative ideas.

Reuse or Repurpose things

At the event of purchasing party supplies, ask yourself that it can be reused and repurposed or not. Try to buy the decorative piece which lasts for long time. However, if you purchase the items that only work for a day or for a particular theme, then you will find yourself buying same things again after a year.

Wrapping paper can also cost you a small fortune. Therefore, instead of wrapping gifts in packing paper, wrap your gifts in newspaper or search for reusable fabric gifts sacks to save some pennies.

Thoughtful Food

Before throwing a party, you should be thoughtful about the party timing. If your budget only allow you to serve cake and dessert, then your time should be 2 or 3 pm, instead of 5 or 6 pm as this timing make people assume that you will be serving dinner too. Throw your party at 2 pm and designate it with unique name saying “Sweet party” or “Dessert Party”.

Serving a mixture of juices and cold drinks would cost you less, rather than serving a soft drink to everyone. Also, you can buy a set of dinnerware which can be reused and making the celebration special without wasting anything.

You can also check some deals for good food on Groupon & Groffer. Pizzas shops like dominos and pizza hut always offer something special for the day of celebration. Hence, grab them and make birthday bash more exciting.

Some quick tips for your Child’s Birthday Bash

  • Host your party at your home or in the nearest public park.
  • Keep the guest list minimum.
  • Purchase grocery or food items in bulk, as the shopkeeper will grant you with some interesting discount.
  • Send e-mail invitation card instead of sending paper invitations.
  • You can also think of a theme to add the amusement factor in your party. Ask your guests to bring homemade masks in your mask party and refer your party with “Mask Party”.

Thus, preparing something special for your child make you feel the warmth of each and every moment, as you have given something special for your child’s happiness, and it did not cost you to go out of your budget.

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