6 Simple Ways to Make your Attire look Expensive

Every girl’s desire – get a million bucks looks, without spending it, isn’t it? And do you know it is possible to mine your chic attires, which you have bought from inexpensive shops? Sometimes you notice that these low-end shops propose some attires which are irresistible to purchase in offered price. Adapting an urbane style statement should not cost to your entire earnings, thus you can get that with some easy ways. Read on the simple ways that contribute in making your attire look expensive:

1.)  It’s all about perfect fit!

The attire, which doesn’t fit properly can even make an expensive outfit look despicable. Thus, buy some chic clothes and head to your tailor to get the fitted style. With perfect fitting, your dress will create a good sense of quality.


2.) Enhance your look with accessories!

Complement your dress and inexpensive attires with high-priced accessories such as neckpieces, a classy handbag, and beautiful set of earrings and many more that contribute in accentuating your entire style statement. A vibrant scarf in smooth and rich fabric paired with fabulous sunglasses can increase the oomph quotient of your appearance.


3.) Replace shabby buttons!

Sometimes you might have found some stunning outfits, but because of some shabby buttons, you have changed your opinion. Therefore, replace those tacky add-ons with an expensive looking buttons that helps in elevating the attire instantly.


4.) Fabric reflects everything!

Choose the dress which has an exclusive fabric. Attire made of flimsy fabric can easily spoil your style and which cannot be mended with the look of that outfit. Thus, do not but stuff with such fabric quality, which spoils your style as well as your trendy quotient.

5810-free-shipping-m-xl-manufacturers-supply-women-s-fashion-dress-with-belt-women-dress-ladies-dress5.) Look classy with saturated hues!

The very first thing that anyone notices in your look is the color of your dress. Rich and saturated hues of your dress automatically turn your look to an expensive one. Neutral colors like black, navy blue and white offers a classy style, whereas the vogue colors such as indigo, wine, red color and a maroon color boosting your style statement etc.


6.) Form a unique style!

Style your inexpensive attires in a way that it immediately creates a unique style statement according to your looks. For instance play with the dramatic part of your outfit, you can belt-up your skirt or tunics and combine them with a white piece which will effectively accentuate your look.


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