Meet Javed Abidi – A wheelchair-struck, easing the life of other Disabled

You must be well aware that problems related to spinal cord are quite painful and disturbing. I remember, once in my childhood, while playing I got my back hurt. Doctors told the spinal cord has bent a little, which to my surprise, gave a hell lot of pain.

But why am I talking about all that crap here. Well, the reason is to introduce you to an outstanding personality who is a marvel in his own way. Suppose the gaps in your spinal cord gets filled up by birth itself and you are left with no option but to get limited to a wheelchair or bed rest.

Miserable. Isn’t it! And what if I say such a person puts several efforts for the disabled like him and set up the disability wing of Rajeev Gandhi Foundations disability unit. Appreciable, indeed.


His name is Javed Abidi and was diagnosed with spine bifida (the same disorder which mentioned above) at his birth. At the early age, his parents went un-noticed for eight years about the problem, which as a result, the problem got extended to a severe nerve damage. Things went even worse at the age of 10, when he fell from a height. Eventually till 15, he got into a wheelchair permanently.

But some people are determined to achieve something remarkable and that is what makes them extra-ordinary.

Abid Junidi received his education at Wright State University, United States and in 1989, moved to India to flourish his career in journalism. And then his efforts started changing the world.

In 1993, he created the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s disabilities Unit and joined the disability rights group to start awareness for the physically challenged people. Furthermore, Javed Abidi led a protest before Parliament on December 19, 1995 in order to implement a bill for the rights of disabled people.


What’s more! With the efforts and intervention of him only, the polling booths today are accessible to disabled people too. Of his achievements, the most impressive ones are his working with top executives of IBM, Apple Inc., Oracle Corporation, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard in order to get the disabled people employed too in these organisations.


Here is another one. Javed Abidi insisted the Archaeological Survey of India to setup wheelchair ramps on famous historic monuments like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s tomb and Jantar Mantar to support the famous Stephen Hawking on his trip to India. Needless to say, all his efforts proved fruitful and the world had to bow down before his tremendous will power and determination. The country needs more people like him and our team salutes him for his true passion and hard work.

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