Five ways to increase your Twitter followers

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the US where he met Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters, so much is being talked about Digital India on social media platforms. People have changed their display pictures with the one with tricolor. But the irony is, most of them don’t know the basics of the social media and are ignorant of the ways they can utilize the social media for the benefit of their business. So for them, here are five basic methods which can help them increase their twitter traffic and eventually add some followers.

  1. Target

Firstly and most importantly, one needs to know what one wants. What do they want to do with their twitter, which kind of tweeple they want to interact with? Also which kind of audience would be interested in their product? If you know what you’re selling, you should also know to whom you’re selling. Therefore before even signing up on twitter, one should know the purpose with which they want to go on twitter. And that purpose should reflect on their twitter bio. If you randomly check twitter profiles of people with a healthy following, you will find that their twitter bio just tells everything about what they are doing on twitter. You will find that their tweets and retweets are all in compliance with what they have talked about in their bio.

     2. Socialize

The first rule of social media is that you need to be social and to be social you’ll have to leave your ego aside. You can’t say that you won’t follow or retweet a person because he/she doesn’t follow or retweets you. If the said person is your target audience and tweets about something which might interest on your audience, then following and retweeting him/her will only help you. Also don’t forget to follow back someone who follows you. This creates a reputation that you are in for a mutual twitter interaction as a result of which more and more people would follow you.

3. Be Regular 

Unless you’re a celebrity and people follow you just because they are crazy about you, being absent from twitter won’t help. People follow you on twitter for the interesting stuff you post and if they don’t get it, chances are high that they might unfollow you. Also, most of the users will check your timeline before following you and therefore, it has to be full of interesting tweets. So keep tweeting on a regular basis so that your timeline doesn’t look like that of a newbie or an inactive user.

4. Schedule your tweets

Never tweet in bulk. Tweeting in bulk may give an impression that you’re a spammer. Also, if your account is not verified, twitter might temporarily deactivate it, suspecting you to be a robot. So the wise thing is to schedule your tweet evenly throughout the day. This will keep you visible on your follower’s wall almost all the time and you might get retweets from them which may lead to more followers. On the other hand tweeting in a burst may irritate your online followers and they might unfollow you.

     5. Spread the word

Lastly, the most effective way is to let others know that you are on twitter. Twitter has an option of inviting your friends through email, you can make use of this option. Other methods are by mentioning your twitter link on other social networking sites you can invite your friends and followers in those sites to twitter. If you have a facebook page, or a youtube channel or a blog etc. just mention your twitter links there. Word of mouth publicity is also very effective. You can ask your colleagues or friends in real life to follow you. Don’t forget to mention your twitter handle in your business card.

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