Did you Know? Changing your Display Picture Means Voting Against Net Neutrality

Yes, you heard that right. Just like us, you too must have been seeing the numerous display pictures changing to the tricoloured ones that symbolizes Digital India Mission on Facebook. However, the actual truth is something else. According to The Hacker News, once you change your display picture on Facebook, you, obviously unintentionally have given your vote in favour of internet.org that is owned by Facebook only. Doing so, you have casted your vote against net neutrality as internet.org stands against the concept of net neutrality in one way or the other.

You must be seeing a link  fb.com/supportdigitalindia that directly changes your Facebook display picture to the Digital India supported one. But little did you know that instead of supporting Digital India, you are standing in favour of Facebook’s initiative, internet.org. The campaign brings with it six corporate giants namely Samsung, Media Tec, Ericsson, Nokia, Opera Software, and Qualcomm that claim to provide free internet services to the developing nations and India is one of them.

Click on the link below to see how Facebook cleverly used the Digital India campaign in its favour:


With the huge amount of protest going on against net neutrality since past few months, it is clear that the Indians are in no mood of doing favour with anything that comes between them and the Internet. And with the Facebook’s cleverness to make people vote for internet.org, lets hope that the Internet in India do not get disintegrated into pieces.

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