Volkswagen Alleged for Cheating in Emission Test; Fined with $18 Billion

Volkswagen, the German manufacturer, has been alleged to use a defeat device in its cars, which enables during test runs and control pollutant emissions. It can be lead to a fine of $18 billion. By using this device, VW cars were passing the emission test but actually creating pollution in real world conditions. Volkswagen admitted using this cheat software in more than 5 lac cars build during 2009 to 2015 including the VW Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat models, as well as the Audi A3.

EPA, Environment Protection Agency in States, caught this cheat and found that the cars contain a device programmed to detect official emissions testing and optimizing cars accordingly. The same programme off the controls once the test finishes and let the car emits pollutants in normal driving situations.

The EPA found this “defeat device” illegal and a threat to public health and thinking to fine it heavily.

“EPA is committed to making sure that all automakers play by the same rules,” said Cynthia Giles, assistant EPA administrator for enforcement and compliance assurance.

EPAThe EPA asked VW to fix the cars’ emissions systems, however, the car owners do not need to panic. The violations do not create any safety hazard, so the cars are safe to drive and Volkswagen has already directed to come up with a recall and repair plan.

On the heavy fines, Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, a Washington-based advocacy group, commented”The charges here are truly appalling: that Volkswagen knowingly installed software that produced much higher smog-forming emissions from diesel vehicles in the real world than in pre-sale tests.”

O’Donnell accused VW of “cheating not just car buyers but the breathing public.” He said the charges undercut industry rhetoric about “clean diesel” cars.

Volkswagen JettaThe allegations cover roughly 482,000 diesel passenger cars sold in the United States since 2008. Affected models include:

— Jetta (model years 2009-15)
— Beetle (model years 2009-15)
— Audi A3 (model years 2009-15)
— Golf (model years 2009-15)
— Passat (model years 2014-15)

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