Back Pain : Causes and Remedies

Nowadays back pain is a common health problem that many of us experience. There are many reasons such as sitting for a long time over a computer and being in the same position, repeating certain movements and heavy lifting may cause you unbearable pain in your back at work and also you might not be able to finish your today’s task due to this heavy back pain. The laborious activities performed by people in their busy life is one cause of back pain these days.

1.) Uncomfortable Sitting:


Sitting in a bending position is one of the most common causes. The simplest method to avoid back pain due to your sitting position is pick one chair that support your lower back and you feel comfortable and relax.

2.)  Walk in bended position:

walking in bended position

Bending your shoulders at the time of walking can lead to back pain, so you should walk in an erect position to get rid of back pain.

3.) Sitting for a Long time in the same position:


Long time sitting can also cause you a civier back pain. So, when you’re coming across back pain frequently, it’s better that you should get up and start walking. Researchers suggest at least 30 minutes of your hours at work should be spent standing up, throughout the day.

The Best Remedy – Back-Massage:

back massage

Back-Massage is the best remedy to overcome back pain. Research shows that massage therapy has several potential health benefits for back pain sufferers; it relaxes muscles for an improved range of motion. Especially, when your loved one give you massage and helps you to overcome this pain with lots of love and care. There’s only one thing better than getting a great back massage, and that’s giving one! You’re giving somebody a gift that can relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, relax muscles, and contribute to their general sense of well-being.

Note that we would suggest visiting doctor if your back pain is not getting normal.

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