10 Food Habits That Can Change Your Life Completely

1. Go organicorganic-food-mailing-lists

There was a time when the concentration of harmful chemicals in the food increased to such an extent that it became carcinogenic to consume. Now with the advent of modern science and research it has been proven that organic food is best for consumption. It has no harmful chemicals in it which will end most of your diseases and will keep you fit and healthy always.

2. Eat Breakfast10-Healthy-Breakfast-Tips

Most of the people who are planning to reduce their waistline usually start by cutting down the consumption of food intake in breakfast. But in reality, you can reduce your intake of lunch and dinner but you should not compromise with your breakfast. A healthy breakfast which is rich in proteins, fibre and specially carbohydrates is very essential as the first meal since it provides you with energy to strive throughout the day.

3. Consume a fibre rich dietHigh-fibre foods

Try and have meals which are rich in fibre as a part of your daily intake like grains, beans etc. A fibre rich diet regulates the movement of food in your stomach and helps in digestion. Insoluble fibres called roughage are indigestible but are very good for the bowel movement in your body. It also prevents the waste from getting trapped in your colon keeping it clean and free from inflammation.

4. Drink lots of waterwater

For all those people who are dying for a healthy and vibrant skin, this is the ultimate solution. One must try to drink at least 6 to 8 bottles of water daily. Water flows through your whole body and removes harmful wastes that remain pinned to your capillaries and blood stream. This is an excellent method to get rid of pimples and black heads. Water also prevents concentration of excess chemicals in your body unclogging your pores leaving your skin soft and plump.

5. Eat fruits and green vegetablesFruits and Vegetables

For a change try having fruits and green vegetables. Though most people would not eat vegetables in their crude state i.e. without cooking but coupling them with specially prepared sauces and condiments adds impeccable flavour to it. You can even try it in the form of salads. Green vegies and fruits are extremely rich in nutrients like vitamins, iron, calcium etc. So they must be a part of a regular diet.

6. Do not overcook your foodovercook food

It has been scientifically proven that excessive and overcooking of your food destroys many essential Vitamins present in it. Whereas mild cooking helps in retaining them for a very long time. Vitamins are nothing but chemicals and above a certain temperature these chemicals turn volatile and are destroyed. So if you are consuming this food, then you are only consuming a nutrient deficit diet. So try avoiding that.

7. Try experimenting with your foodexperiment with food

It is not mandatory that you have to consume the same food over and over again. Having the same food over and over makes life monotonous and the food also tends to lose its taste. Give your palate new boundaries to explore. Try everything atleast once. This will ablaze that sensation to savour the food rendering it tasty and healthy. If you are not enjoying your food then there is no use eating it because as psychological as this might appear, this is actually true that your body in most cases, will not accept nutrients from the food you don’t like to eat.

8. Take small but regular mealsmeals

If you have an obsession with a zero fat belly and sumptuous and sexy figure, then it is essential for you to consume small chunks of food at regular intervals. This does not put excessive pressure on your digestive system and coupled with regular exercise this formula works like a miracle. Taking proper diet all small intervals supplies you with only sufficient energy to go without depositing it on your body in the form of fat.

9. Replace your regular tea with green teagreen tea

Green tea has been a matter for a very long time. It has many antioxidants which will detoxify your blood removing excess oxygen from it. Green tea is known as the world’s healthiest beverage. It has many active stimulants like polyphenols which also makes you smart and healthy. It also facilitates the fat burning process so it is very good for people who are on a diet.

10. Don’t get carried awayjunk-food-Collage

Try to control your tongue. The main challenge for food lovers is to overcome the urge of consuming more and more food. I know avoiding burgers, pizzas, pasta and other products can be difficult but a healthy lifestyle comes with a price. I am not saying don’t eat these things at all, but just don’t get carried away with their melting taste. Follow these steps for some time and you will surely observe some ground breaking changes in your life.

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