Top 5 Smartphone Brands in Q2 2015

When the thing comes to smartphones, the first fact that came to our mind is the brand. Whenever we see a new smartphone, the first thing we want to know is its manufacturer because it is known as the symbol or reliability of that gadget. If we talk about the current generation, the number of smartphone users is really huge and most of them are brand freaks. So, here we are with the countdown of top 5 smartphone brands of the Q2 2015, based on the sales analysis.

5. Lenovo


After a drop in the market share, Lenovo fell by two places and became the fifth largest smartphone brand of Q2 2015. Including both of its brands- Lenovo and Motorola, the company grabbed a market share of 4.7 percent. It shipped around 5.9 million units of smartphones under the brand Motorola, while the total sales of the Lenovo group stood around 16 million units in Q2 2015.

4. Xiaomi


Taking the LG’s position of Q1, Xiaomi became the fourth largest smartphone brand of Q2 2015 with an increased market share of 5.6 percent. Along with the continuous performance of the MI4 and other models, the latest Redmi 2A launched in China has boosted the sales. With all the promising products, the company manages to sell more than 19 million smartphones in the quarter.

3. Huawei


Another Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, has listed its name in the top 5 smartphone brands, which has stepped-up from the fourth to the third position in Q2 2015. With its premium range of smartphone- Ascend Mate 7 and P-Series, and value for money Honor manages to sell around 29.7 million units in the second quarter of 2015 registering a market share of 5.6 percent.

2. Apple


Again, Apple is standing at the second position with a market share of 13.9 percent in Q2 2015. with a sales decline of 22.3 percent from the previous quarter, the company managed to sell around 47.5 million iPhones. The company’s latest model is the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger screen, the model is performing well in China due to rapid 4G adoption.

1. Samsung

Once again, Samsung proved that why it is the leader of the smartphone market with the shipment of more than 73 million units in Q2 2015. The figures are more than 1.5 times of the Apple in the same quarter and that is even after a sales decline compared to the results of Q1 2015. Market share of Samsung stood at 21.4 percent and its latest flagship models- Galaxy S6 and S6 edge received an overwhelming response worldwide.
If we talk about the worldwide smartphone market, it saw a growth of 13 percent in Q2 2015 as compared to the Q2 2014. Overall, 341.5 smartphones shipped during this quarter, out of which 45.7 percent contribution is from the manufacturer other than the top 5 smartphone brands.

Source: IDC

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