Mumbai Local Train Derails in Andheri, City Faces Heavy Traffic Jams

Hundreds of lives fell in risk after a local train just ahead of Andheri – one of the busiest stations in Mumbai got derailed and slid on the adjoining track. The disaster could have been more serious if the driver of the approaching train would not have applied the brakes on time and hence, prevented a collision. As the train was just leaving the station and was at a slow speed, no such harms have been reported yet except two minor injuries.The western railway is one of the three lines in the city. It stops at 36 stations and connects the Northern suburbs. The express trains on this line were kicked out of action after the accident in order to bring the system back in working more rapidly. By Tuesday evening, some of the coaches had not been cleared from the track.

Commenting on the accident, Mr. Shailendra Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager, Western Railways stated, “It is an unprecedented accident. The driver braked. Otherwise it could have been worse. We are probing the cause.”

mumbai_train_galDue to the derailment, the Mumbaikars had to face some serious traffic issues. As the rail network got badly affected after the accident, people had to rely on road transport to reach their destinations. The heavy rains further added to the chaos. With the Ganesha festival around the corner, there is already too much pressure on the road network.  The scenario will hopefully improve on Wednesday after the local train network gets back to its normal working.

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