BMW CEO Collapses in Press Conference at 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

The new Chief Executive Officer of renowned German brand BMW, Mr. Harald Krueger fainted while delivering a speech in a press conference at the Frankfurt motor Show. He was talking about the latest models by the company when suddenly he collapsed on the floor. Two people from the company came rushing towards him and gave him support. Mr. Krueger was able to walk post that.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, BMW was left with no option but to cancel the press conference at that point of time. A spokesperson from the company stated, “I am a bit lost for words. We are seeing to redo the press conference soon.”

Harald Krueger took the post as BMW’s CEO in May and it was his first grand appearance at a major auto show. He was later examined by a doctor and he is recovering well now. After the mishap, the Chief Financial Officer of the company, Friedrich Eichiner took the proceedings further.

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