10 Lessons for Life Taught By Elder Brothers

Brothers complete your childhood and fill it with some beautiful memories. The unsung hero of the house, an elder brother does everything very selflessly without seeking the slightest of appreciation for what he does. It is time to acknowledge what they give us in exchange for nothing.

1. Sharing


If you are not the first child of your parents, then you automatically learn how to share things because you haven’t had the chance to have something just for yourself. Having an elder brother teaches you the habit of sharing more than anything else.

2. Adjustment


Your brother had to learn how to adjust with you at first and later, he taught you how to adjust with the world and the outside environment. Elder brothers are inspirations of how adjusting to people and situations makes life easier.

3. Support


The ones who have an elder brother know how supportive and helpful they can be. They take you to school, help you with your homework, deal with eve-teasers, solve all your problems and help you to become useful for others. After parents, elder brothers are the ones who can teach you high morals.

4. Mischief

Teenage boy and girl stick out tongues to each other Life becomes meaningless without a hint of naughtiness given in from time to time. Elder brothers teach you the tricks to a mischievous behaviour which in turn makes you a lively person for life. It not only makes your childhood interesting but also teaches you how to make you life in the later stages a bit more exciting.

5. Socialising

Your very first interaction, after your parents, is with your elder brother. They not only are your best friends but, are also a means for you to socialise with others. In your early years, they tell you how to make friends and even share a few of theirs with you. They bring you closer to the world.

6. Guidance



Having an elder brother is a blessing for all your problems. They guide you in the matters related to career, health, relationship, etc. Basically anything that you can’t share with your parents, your elder brothers guide you through them. Without their guidance life would be a bit complicated.

7. Team Work

As a child you have done everything with your elder brother and this one attribute helps you in the middle years of your life when team work becomes an essential part of your career life. This not only helps on the work front but is also necessary to bring families closer.

8. Keeping Secrets


Most elder brothers are secretive. They do not open up to their younger buddies quite easily. This is something that can be learnt from them. Being an extreme extrovert may not prove to be quite helpful in many areas of life. Learning how to keep secrets to oneself is worth especially for gossiping sisters.

9. Compromising

The Broken Code When you came to this world, your elder brother had to compromise a lot of things for you and with time, it became his duty to make necessary sacrifices for you. This characteristic of elder brothers is a great lesson for life. Selfishness steals our moral values while making compromises brings smiles to the faces of others.

10. Experience

Elder brothers usually don’t let you go through trouble which they have experienced themselves. They save you from them on time. Yet, experience teaches you a lot. You can learn a lot of things from the experiences of your elder sibling and stay protected from the evils of the outside world.
There is so much that a brother teaches you unintentionally. Elder brothers are the shoulders which carry us to the infinity of the world with utmost care and comfort. They are special for the enchanting morals they make us learn for leading a fulfilling life. They are the pillars of strength and safety for their siblings and will always remain inspiring for them.

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