9 Amazing Things From A Girl’s Diary

Girls are the most alluring creation of god. It is extremely difficult to understand how amazing and how vulnerable a girl could be. There are girls who don’t smoke, drink or party every weekend, don’t sleep around or start a drama to get attention. And many are the girls who are just south to this north of a girl. But Girl’s have really intriguing things about them, which are directly quoted here from a girl’s diary.

1. Flooded Wardrobe

Flooded WardrobeThey don’t wear 75% of the clothes from their closet yet they always want new clothes. Most of the time they just keep screaming loud “I have no clothes to wear”. Girls need clothes according to events but more likely according to the mood they have of wearing an outfit.

2. Vacillation

Girls have a strong sense of insecurities. Girls hate it when people make fun of their insecurities in the crowd, and all they do that point of time is act like everything is perfectly fine.

3. Their Chattels/Possessionschattels girls

Most of the girls don’t like to share their stuff with anyone, may be it’s their clothes, shoes, hair pins, close friends or boyfriends. They’ll not like to share even the proportionate of their personal things. They’re not jealous, they’re just territorial. Jealous is when you want something that’s not yours, territorial is protecting what’s already yours.

4. Crabbyclabby

Girls are extremely temperamental. A girl’s mood is immoderate. Their mood depends on how amusing or poor her hairs are looking, how gracefully she’s dressed up for a party or how comfy clothes she’s wearing while lying on the couch.

5. Texting Rulestexting

Girls have fastest texting abilities. The things one should remember while talking to a girl are; Don’t take much time to reply back for a text, use good grammar, don’t ask her much questions or she’ll turn out to be a witch after getting irritated, use more emoji’s, etc.

6. Spiked Memoryspiked memory

Usually, girls have very sharp memory. Things stay in their head for long. Girls remember everything, may be it is birthdays, anniversaries, break up date, patch up date, places where she first met a guy of her dreams, promises, last call duration, simply every stuff of her life she remembers.

7. In Reference To Boysin reference t the boy

Girls have the tendency of expecting excessively from boys. Like, they have aspirations from their future husband to be proved as a good chef for her. Girls find boys so much more attractive who take their education and responsibilities seriously rather than boys who just don’t care.

8. Weeping Addictweeping addict

When a girl cries it’s usually not over one thing, it’s built up anger and emotions she’s been holding for too long. Girls are emotional fools. They get flooded away in the river of emotions. They are the type of person who overthinks the smallest shit that shouldn’t even matter.

9.    Lazy


Girls are lazy about certain things. For instance, when leg shaving season is almost back but they’re not mentally prepared for the amount of efforts that takes. They’re found lazy when asked to go for a shower or visit a parlour for waxing or threading.

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