MS Dhoni Reaches High Court to Defeat Criminal Case Against Him

The famous star cricketer and Indian captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently approached Supreme Court in order to quash a criminal case against him. The matter started in April, 2013 when a publication published a picture of MS Dhoni and portrayed him as Lord Vishnu. The cricketer took this step after Karnataka High Court refuse to do the criminal proceedings in his favour.

In April 2013, the edition of Business Today magazine published a photo of MS Dhoni as Lord Vishnu. He was portrayed as “The God of Big Deals”, which was selling several products including a shoe. The complaint was filed by Rajinder Singh Raja, national general secretary of a social organisation, Shivsena Hindustan. According to him, “Dhoni has been portrayed as Lord Vishnu and instead of showing religious things, the magazine is showing several products of the company including a shoe in his hand. It has insulted the religious sentiments and God.”

When the case was took to Karnataka High Court, it stated that it is a tendency of celebrities to sign ads just to earn easy money without giving a thought to the consequences. Activist Jaykumar Hiremath filed the case stating the above stated image hurted the religious sentiments of people. The complaint was registered under Section 295 of the Indian penal code – deliberate and malicious acts, directed towards insulting of religious sentiments of a particular class or community.

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