Five Deadly Terms that your girlfriend uses often

You are seeing a woman, and you know her since a long time, however, there is one important thing that you simply should remember of. Whenever she uses fine, nothing, go ahead, whatever and that’s ok! just think twice!


Not at all fine! she will use this word to end up an argument and she is not allowing you to win, because of her stubbornness. (shy!) Thus, whenever a woman says fine, it suggests that she is settling for a tie and simply not admitting the thing happily, thinking ‘it’s not fine at all, loser!’


2. Nothing

It means something! This nothing is an alarm for you that you simply have to be compelled to be worried! Start digging her to get what’s there and be cautious as we women are mysterious creatures, sometimes it can be a plain simple nothing. (giggles!!)


3.    Go Ahead

“It’s a Dare”! you are telling her concerning your colleague that how smart she is, how caring she is! and she merely says go ahead! Don’t you dare take it in positive manner, don’t do it! I seriously meant that; you will end up calling her hundred times that night and she won’t pick it up. I told you, mysterious we are.


4. Whatever/No Matter

Her simplest way of saying to screw you.! You tell her that you are not available on this weekend as you need to meet your friends and she just says whatever, as she doesn’t care about it! Wait! You took that wrong, you are in deep shit man, there are a lot of this kind of bunks are coming in your way just for revenge, get ready, she is not going for a hangout with you soon.

tyra goes nuts

5. That’s ok”

whenever you are doing mistakes and she ignores by saying that it’s ok! NO, it can not be ok! She is just waiting for you to make up for all of your mistakes, so hurry, you should better be on time or she will move.


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