Reasons Why You Should Visit Haryana

Thanks to our Bollywood…Haryana is always portrayed as a land of goons, khaaps, honour killing and crime against women. In reality if you visit Haryana you will get a different picture all together. Haryana is a land of Milk, Butter, Ragni (Folk songs) and off course sports. Haryana is generally not considered a tourist place. Not many people know about the places in Haryana you simply cannot miss out if you love to travel. Following are the reasons and places for which Haryana becomes a ‘must visit’ in your list of places.

1. The Kingdom of Dreamskingdom of dreams

You love films and theatre! Kingdom of dreams is the right place for you. It is located in Gurgaon near Delhi. It is built artistically like a film set. Popular theatre artists perform here. The tickets are a bit expensive, but they are totally worth it. It is designed by Gauri Khan and you can witness the best of theatre performances here.

2. Haryana ki Lassi

haryana ki lassi

Just for the sake of trying Haryanvi Lassi, Haryana becomes a must visit place. Bajareki roti, saag, Gur (Jaggery) and lassi is Haryana’s special. Desi Ghee is something you will get everywhere in Haryana. This finger licking food will steal your heart away.

3. Surajkund


Surajkund is a fest that takes once a year in Faridabad. This 15 days festival showcases handicrafts and talents from all over India. You can have a variety of foods from every part of India. A lot of foreigners visit this festival every year just for witnessing the culture of India.

4. Kurukshetra- The Pious Land


Kurukshetra is the place where the war of Indian epic Mahabharata took place. It is the right for people who are religious and also those who are interested in Science. It has many museums which can interest you. The ‘Brahma Sarovar’ is considered holy so it becomes an important place for religious people.

5. Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden

Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden

Chandigarh is not owned by Punjab singularly. It is also the Capital of Haryana. The Rock Garden is completely made from the waste materials like broken glass pieces, marbles, bangles etc. Sukhna lake is a very peaceful picnic spot where boating is also available. In the evening, you can have a beautiful time in Chandigarh.

6. Pratapgarh farms

Pratapgarh farms

If you w0ant to witness the culture of Haryana at a single place, Pratapgarh farms it is! It showcases the attire, food and the way of living of the Haryanvi people. You can have proper Haryanvi meals there.

7. The Jat-land

The Jat-land

Haryana is known all over India for the kind of rude language of the Jats. Jats are thought to be aggressive and rigid. But nobody talks about the hospitality that they offer. You will be amazed that most of the popular sports personalities are from Haryana like Vijender Singh, VirenderSehwag and SainaNehwal.

If you visit Haryana once, you will definitely come back. The attire, culture, food and hospitality will impress you. This colourful state has retained its culture. People often visit Delhi but neglect the nearby state Haryana. The historical monuments, festivals and amusement will force you to come back.

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