10 Thing India Can Teach The World

1. Pluralism


India is a conglomeration of exceedingly many casts, races, religions and geographies, but still we are able to maintain peace and serenity. Every inhabitant of this country enjoys the same rights and facilities. Unlike any other country in the world, India is an amalgamation of varied cultures and languages. This sets an example of how human beings can coexist peacefully by respecting each other.

2. Efficient democracy


India is the largest democracy in the world. It even has the world’s longest constitution. Adhering to the growth rate and development of this country one would state that it is also the world’s fastest developing nation and democracy. And this is when it has world’s second highest population figure. No wonder if can control this, we will surmount every other competing nation in this race.

3. Respect for elders

respect of elders
Unlike most other countries of the western world where people avert from taking care of their parents and elders to start their own family, India does stands as an archetypal of love, respect and obedience for one’s family. We belong to a culture where children attend their parents in their old age as a part of their moral and ethical responsibility.

4. Ayurveda


This ancient science of medical healing is the oldest and the most effective way to counter diseases and ailments. Incepted even before the advent of modern medical sciences of the west, this treatment is purely based on the use of herbs for curing diseases. A detailed description of Ayurveda suggests that it has cure even for worst diseases ever known. This branch of medical study is still in its phase of research and has a promising future.

5. The art of intimacy

the art of intimacy

The world’s oldest and the sole book on intimacy called Kamasutra was written in India. Citing the ways of copulation this book is the new readers guide to coitus for the upcoming generations. Though intimacy is a taboo in India but the irony is that India still has a second largest population in the world. So, the next time you want to experiment in your love life, we have just the right book for your nerves.

6. Yoga


This ancient and the most talked about form of exercise has swept the world off its feet. From keeping you healthy to becoming the latest fashion trend of this century, yoga has become the most endorsed exercise of the world. A booming industry, yoga proves to be a promising industry for the forthcoming entrepreneurs. So, western world thank India for we have found the solution to your problem of obesity.

7. Knowledge of Vedas and Sanskrit


Like the other ancient books on life and sciences the Vedas are a source of utmost knowledge. Not fully deciphered even uptil now, the Vedas are known to possess information regarding everything including every aspect of life and studies. Experts of India, who claim that this ancient country was more modern and had more advanced technology than other part of the world the information of which is contained in these books, extend their support to this proposition.

8. The value of blessings

respect of elder in india

The most followed and exercised practise of the inhabitants of this country is touching the feet of their elders for their blessings. This moves not only shows respect and deference that the Indians inhibit within themselves but also the fact that in any case, our elders and ancestors are always greater to us in experience and knowledge which is passed onto us in their blessings.

9. Unity in adversity

nepal-india-ndrf-lIndia has been a victim of many modern day atrocities inflicted upon it in the form of external and intimate transgressions like terrorist attacks, inflations, drought etc. But even then India has shown unity and support to all circumstances. Even in cases of calamities in foreign regions, India has extended its hand of friendship and support to them like in cases of Nepal, Bangladesh etc.

10. The trick to learn it all


Recent events have brought into light the fact that Indians are in fact very hard working, progressive and intelligent. Born out as the result of the hardships of the past, this unique feature of learning and grasping things quickly can be commonly found in Indians. From winning the prestigious spelling bee contests to managing some of the most significant jobs in the world, Indians have left their trails in every sphere.

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