Stories of Top 5 Haunted Places around the World and Their Ghosts

There are many haunted places around the world, and you might have heard their stories as well. Most of the stories are told to amuse people, however, a few of them are really scary that can get you goose bumps. Here we are with the top 5 stories of world’s most haunted places, so guys get ready to be scared.

5. The Myrtles Plantation

This stately old home in St. Francisville, Louisiana was built by General David Bradford in 1796. It is said that the home is haunted by several active ghosts of the people murdered there. Some of the researchers claim that around 10 murders were committed at the place.

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Two authors- Troy Taylor and David Wisehart provide a history of the house in their article- The Legends, Lore & Lies of The Myrtles Plantation. They have confirmed at least one murdered at the Myrtles in their theory, however, they also agreed that the house is seriously haunted and a right place to be listed in the “most haunted”.

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Ghosts of The Myrtles Plantation

  • A former slave of the house- Chloe was hung there without any proof of killing two little girls. Now, the existence of these three spirits is claimed.
  • People claim to see the ghosts of murdered children playing on the veranda.
  • From 1860 to 1871, an attorney- William Drew Winter lived at the Myrtles, who was shot by a stranger on the house’s side porch. When he was losing his blood, he entered the house and start climbing the stairs to the second floor, but he didn’t complete. It is said that his last footsteps can be heard on the staircase till now, it is the same murder that is verified by the Troy Taylor and David Wisehart.
  • One haunting chord is heard many times repeating on the grand piano by itself.
  • Some claim that the ghosts of the other slaves occasionally seen in the house asking for chores.

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4. Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall of the Norfolk, England is an old country house, which is the seat of the Townshend family for near 400 years. It is one of the most splendid of the great houses there. It is reported to be haunted after all time famous ghost photo of “the Brown Lady” descending the staircase.

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Ghost of the Raynham Hall

  • Captured on film in 1936, “the Brown Lady” is considered as one of the most authentic ghost photograph ever taken.
  • The first known sighting of the spirit in the house is said to happen during the 1835 Christmas season. Colonel Loftus was happened to be visiting the house for the holidays. One late night, when he was walking to his room, he saw a strange figure before him. As he tried to get a better look, the figure promptly disappeared. Next week, the Colonel again saw that woman, who wore a brown satin dress and her glowing face was highlighting her empty eye sockets.

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3. Eastern State Penitentiary

Built in 1829, the Eastern State Penitentiary of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is open to tour for public and has now become one of the favorite places for ghost hunters. The architecture of the building represents a Gothic structure and was originally designed to keep 250 prisoners in solo cells. However, at the height of its use, around 1,700 prisoners were filled into its cells. Like any such place, the Eastern State Penitentiary became haunted due to some misery and death.

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Ghosts of the Eastern State Penitentiary

  • A shadowy figure has been seen many times that go or leave somewhere quickly when approached.
  • A figure is seen standing in the guard tower.
  • A raucous clucking cry is heard from the cellblock 12.
  • A shadow figure gas has been seen sliding down the wall of cellblock 6
  • Mysterious faces have been seen appearing in cellblock 4
  • Al Capone, who was imprisoned on illegal weapons possession in 1929 was said to be tortured by the spirit of James Clark, who was murdered by him murdered in the infamous St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

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2. Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills Asylum of E. Bethany, New York is a 53,000+ sq. ft. brick building, located on a knoll between Buffalo and Rochester. It built by Genesee County to house some needy people, hence called Genesee County Poor Farm and opened on January 1, 1827. Later it became the Old County Home & Infirmary in the 1950s, and then an antique mall after transforming into a set of shops in the 1990s. After that, some shoppers, vendors and property owners started noticing strange occurrence and disturbance at the place. Now, is one of the most popular destinations for ghost hunters for many years.

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Ghosts of the Rolling Hills Asylum

  • Disembodied voices, screams in the night, mysteriously held shut doors, shadow people and many more activities have been reported yet.
  • A chilling experience shared by Rolling Hills Case Manager, Suzie Yencer, “It was September 2007. While working a public hunt, we had a gentleman with us that was filming a documentary about the building. He wanted to try an experiment in one of the rooms. The room he chose was in the basement, popularly known as The Christmas Room. The experiment he wanted to try was to sit in the room with no lights or equipment on. The only light we would use was a pink glow stick in the middle of a circle of people. We also placed a small ball and a toddler size rocking horse in the circle. The gentleman conducting the experiment requested that only I talk and try to make contact with the spirits. The more I talked, the more strange occurrences began to happen. The glow stick started to move back and forth, and the rocking horse began to slowly rock. A few of the guests in the room including myself saw a hand and arm come out of nowhere and reach for the ball in the circle and then just vanish….”

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1. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Story of the world’s most haunted place started in 1910, with a wooden two-story hospital for tuberculosis rampant, which is situated on the highest elevated hill in southern Jefferson County. Due to lack of space for increasing number of patients, a new building constructed in 1924 and the new Waverly Hospital opened in 1926.

Beside the natural and pre-invented treatment techniques, doctors of the Waverly Hills tried many experimental treatments, which were downright dangerous. These experiments were pneumothorax, surgically collapsing or deflating a portion of the lung to allow healing, and thoracoplasty, which involved opening the chest and removing up to two to three ribs at a time so that the lung would have more room to expand and heal. However, most of the techniques failed and fewer than five percent of patients survived after using these methods.

It was closed in 1961 due to the invention of the antibiotic drug and reopened after a year as Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. However, patient mistreatment and unusual experiments were continued and the state of Kentucky shut it in 1982, because of the claims of patient abuse. Now, you can understand that why it is the scariest place on this planet.

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Ghosts of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium

People have felt almost every paranormal activity at this place you have been heard about including cold spots, disembodied voices, and ghosts roaming the halls.

  • Ghost of an old lady has often been seen at the main entrance
  • A little girl can be seen on the third floor who is known as “Mary”, who plays with a ball. Some have also heard the ball bouncing on the floor.
  • Spectral images have been seen floating in the windows and heard disembodied voices say: “Get out!” in the room no. 502, which was the nurse’s station.
  • People have heard children chanting verses many times on the roof like “Ring around the Rosy.”
  • Voices are often heard along the long eerie passage of The Body Chute or Death Tunnel, which is a 500-foot long tunnel that leads from the hospital to the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill.
  • A spectral man in a white coat and pants supposedly roams in Kitchen and Cafeteria.
  • Ghostly shadow-like people have been seen treading the halls on the fourth floor where doors also frequently slam for no apparent reason.
  • Floating head in the rooms, lights in the building at night though there has been no electricity and many such activities, which are countless have been experienced by people at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
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