Gadgets You Must Have

1. Seagate 7

seagate-seven Seagate 7 is the world’s thinnest hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB. It’s just 7mm in height making it the thinnest up till now. This hard drive comes with a 3.0 high braided USB cable. This little charismatic piece of technology has filled people’s eyes with awe and wonder. Geek alert. Its sleek design has already attracted the attention of many buyers which makes it even more desirable. His drive comes in very handy and is an excellent weapon to invoke jealousy.

2. Kindle 2

For all those readers who want to enrich their reading experience, this is the thing. This gadget was able to gather a ton of positive reviews since its release. It has better features, it is easy to carry while travelling and you can read any book at anytime and anywhere. The inlined dictionary helps in increasing the experience a thousand times because to just need to select the word to see its definition at the bottom of the page.

3. Gopro hero 4Gopro hero 4

This portable little camera has reached the hands of sports enthusiasts to the whole world. At an optimum price with by far the most portability and high definition, this little camera is like the new heaven for photographers. It is 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than other hero cameras. For those with wild expeditions this camera is a must.

4. MacBook Air

Macbook AirApple’s MacBook air is the thinnest and an ultraportable series of notebooks. Its sleek design makes it look sexy and one would fall for it even at its first glimpse. It has a glossy LED backlit display and has a large track pad that responds to many gestures including pinching, swiping and rotating. Not only this, this piece of gadget is even environmental friendly because it produces less toxic wastes like lead.

5. iMac Retina with 5k display

iMac Retina with 5k displayThis expensive piece of technology is up till now the best of its kind in the market. It’s not just 1080p, not even 4k, it’s a 5k with 14.7 million pixels and a splendid chance to do millions of things with it. It provides an extremely vibrant range of colours with high definition which will force you to omit- Wowwww!!!! With just a 5mm edge, this product gives an amazing image quality and brightness at very low power consumption.

6. Dr DreHeadphones

Dr DreHeadphones
I am not sure whether I would want one of those because I would probably die to listen their exceptionally high-quality sound. Engineered with utter precision these headphones raise the bar for deep bass and clear sound quality. It has advanced speaker design, powerful sound amplification and effective noise cancellation which facilitates its audio quality making it easier to hear the digital noises of today’s music more clearly.

7. Logitech UE 360 boom

Logitech UE 360 boomThese speakers are by far the best portable speakers in the market. If you are not satisfied with the heavy and not so good speaker phones in your house or office, you might want to consider these for a change. It has a cylindrical shape making it the nicest design amongst overall in its class. As a result of this cylindrical shape and design 360 surround sound experience is achieved.

8. Mophie power station

With the increasing dependency on electronic chargeable items, it becomes necessary to carry a portable charging device to boost them up whenever the battery is plunged down. A little heavy in weight to carry this power bank can run your battery for hours helping you to keep your piece of mind.

9. Jawbone upjawbone up

This gadget is one of those many that are used by fitness enthusiasts to measure their exercise levels. Its beautiful band like design makes it look more like a fashion accessory which can be worn anywhere anytime. Its world class sensors will monitor your every activity like sleeping, running, walking and it gets easily connected to your apps. This revolutionary device will convert raw data into your fitness advisor.

10. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat
This device aims at making your life comfortable and easy. This thermostat controls the temperature of your room making it ambient and at the same time reduces power consumption. This device has already found its use in most of the households of USA and Ireland. This easy to install device clings itself to the wall and adjusts itself automatically to suit your needs.

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