Books That Can Ba A Turning Point In Your Life

Books are known to be man’s best friend apart from dogs, trending clothes, hobbies and at last his actual best friends.  Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your dog will die, your clothes will be lacerated, you will be bored of your hobbies one day and soon your friends will be engaged in their own personal life but your books will remain in the same state and shape as now.  And I am saying this from my own personal experience. When life gives you lemons, you need books. When you are alone and solitary and this is when the electricity goes off consorting with the modern day trends, you will rush for that untouched pile of books which lies in confined to  the corners of your room for most of its miserable life. But yes books do provide meaning to your life. They make life interesting.Though there are many books present in the world that deem effective, here are some of these handpicked ones that I have read, which deal with human perception and psychology and will really prove to be a turning point in your life.

1. The SecretThe Secret

Written by the author Rhonda Bryne, this book became a sensation since its release in 2006. This book aspires to bring about a change in one’s perception of looking at things. It deals with bringing positivity in one’s lives through its most significant and controversial law- “The law of attraction”. Filled with numerous examples and real life illustrations, this book depicts how one can achieve anything in this world be it success, wealth, love, anything you name it, only by having a focused vision and positive thinking.

2. Chanakya Neetichanakya neeti

This book is not so popular around the world, maybe it is only read in India but believe me when I say this that this book is exceedingly savvy when you are faced with real life problems. Written in a completely different era, it gives quintessential knowledge of human nature and its weaknesses. It also states ways of tackling the troubles one confronts as a part of what one calls “the reality of life”.

3. Outliersoutliers

Outliers – The story of success is a non-fictional book written by Malcom Gladwell. One of the bestselling books as stated by New York Times, this book will sweep you off your feet. This book elaborates that perfect circumstances and a perfect opportunities are concomitantly important with the talent and it’s only when all these are coalesced together, that one becomes successful. This book will really bring you immense solace and will help you shed most of the burden of failure if it exists in your life.

4. The Gamethe game

Written by Neil Strauss, this book deals with cultural behaviours and psychological perspectives of human life. It accentuates on the patterns of influences and behavioural attributes that affect one life. A New York Times best seller in 2005, it also has a TV show based on it. It also depicts how one can become a master of influence while dealing with people.

5. Losing my virginityloosing my virginity

This famous autobiography of the grandeur British businessman Richard Branson was also one of the bestselling books of the world. In this book, he cites out an account of his life, his inspirations and his long journey. He focuses on how to live life to its fullest and bring the best in it. Branson apart from being a successful owner of “The Virgin” industry is also known for his exciting, adventurous and exuberating personality.

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