Google gets a New Logo indicating a whole new era ahead

Google has changed its logo, no it’s not a new doodle as they keep on doing. It’s the new brand logo. In its 16 years history, Google has evolved from being a company of two to one of the biggest companies in the world but their logo remains the same apart from a few changes. This time too, they didn’t change the logo much, but there are changes, which are noticeable. The logo retains blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red color sequence of the original logo, but it is in the new font style called Product sense.

GoogleThe another big change is the new four colored “G” logo for mobile phones. The search box too comes with a multicoloured microphone icon instead of ‘Google’, which shows the emphasize more on the voice search. So, now all you need to say ‘Ok Google’ it will do the job for you. The new logo is more stylish, younger and futuristic and also inline with Google’s new parent company Alphabet.

To sum up, here is a video showing the journey of Google’s logo

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