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Bartender found a $20 note, which made him a millionaire

Luck is a disputed term, some believe in it while others don’t. However, sometimes it seems like that it exist, and you can find stories, which suggest, yes it exists. In such an incident, a bartender from San Francisco become a millionaire. Hubert Tang, a man from San Francisco Bay was visiting San Francisco International Airport, where he found $20 note. Tang decided to bought lottery tickets from that money. Tang, who didn’t buy a lottery ticket in years, wasn’t so sure about his luck, but One of two lottery scratch cards carried a $1 million jackpot.

Now, Hubert Tang, the new millionaire is a local celebrity and getting the due attention. However, he does not plan on spending too much of his winnings and wants to save and invest most of it. He will continue his job and will only spend some money to buy a new car for his mom

Here’s his story.

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