7 places where women like to be touched

“Tonight, get ready to love her more knowing about the 7 erotic spots she oozes to get touched for a raunchy sexual relationship”

We all find female body parts like breasts, butt, and vagina tantalizing even at a single look considering every man desire and human nature. But, there is more to explore beyond that where the largest amount of nerve endings are packed and arouse impregnable sexual emotions in a female. These simple and small pleasure sensor points to remember can get your better half right in the magical mood you never expected! These often neglected parts are a direct hit to the heart of your lady that will definitely earn you some brownie points during intercourse.


healthy-hairGorgeous locks are what every female desire, for the reason they do spend a big amount of money on spas, hairstyling and conditioning to get rewards from their loved ones. But this is not the whole lot of story, you can take better advantage of gals priced possession – Hairs! Running your hands gently through her hair is sure-fire to send tickles down her spine. Making massage circles from her temples to the nape of her neck would be more exciting for her. Also, she will feel relaxed after a hard day at work.


white-skin-of-womanThe clavicle or simply called as Collarbone is not just a long bone that serves as a strut between the scapula and the sternum. It is a direct cord to the heart of your sexy lady. No matter, she is fully clothed, it is a right place to give her smooth massage and remind her of the anticipation when you guys started falling for each other.


Deepika-Padukone-tattooed-his-ex-beau-Ranbir-Kapoors-initial-on-the-nape-of-her-neckOnce you get close to your lady and she starts feeling you close as well, try to go slow with your tender love instead of gushing after her. Few light kisses to the nape of her neck would be wondersome. This place is often neglected even though remains uncovered by clothes most of the time. So, you need not go really on the bed to give her the satisfaction and pleasured by shedding the clothes. Kissing her from hairline to her shoulder would be the best and a heavenly feeling.


woman_backEven though, you are surrounded with a couple of people, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need your tender touch. Indeed, she would always love to have you besides as small gesture. Placing your hands against the small of her back is perfectly fine wherever you go. This small gesture clearly states you are protective for her without being too pushy and conservative.


5-Minute-Workout-Tone-ThighsAaahhh..this is an excellent tease. Without getting into the vaginal area, you can feel her demanding body for yourself after this. Caress her using your hands and mouth (specially the tongue sensation) inside of her thighs. You will agree after the act, this place works as an ‘ultimate sensational pleasure spot for your sexual intercourse’.


This place is to play, fun and get fire in your love right at the moment you want. Simply cuddle your gal in arms, kiss, or even a touch will work over earlobes. You can also bite slightly over this place to sensationalize the moment further. The skin over earlobes is very soft and delicate that drives gals crazy when her man’s lips are on them.


legs_women_feet_soles_simple_background_legs_up_Wallpaper_2560x1920_www.wallpaperswa.comRubbing the feet of your spouse is a lovable offence and there are chances to be pushed hard onto the bed, so the sensual appeal of a foot massage is obvious. Besides, it is part of a foreplay activity, she will feel relaxed after a tiring day at the job. Using an oil or lotion would be a hit while paying attention to her toes and ankles and making circular motions following the relaxing process.

Above all, every inch of her body is sensational if she loves you. The right way to get straight to her heart is true emotions, care, and understanding. Your partner would always love when you ask for her wantings, wishes, and likings. Love more, caress more, kickass hesitation and explore more! And see the wonder you create with the lady everytime you meet.

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