7 Evergreen Rakhi Gifts

Rakshabandhan is here and all the brothers celebrating this festival are on a hunt for some great gifts for their sisters. Out of all the shiny and creative gifts that are available for the festival, we bring to you the most sought after gifts which have not become old-fashioned till date. Here are the 7 evergreen Rakhi gifts.

1. Framed Collage

CollageA beautiful collection of your memories with you sister can be brought together to make a collage out of your old photographs. The collage can be framed to make a pretty and sentimental gift for your sister to keep with herself and cherish it for life.

2. Watch

Titan-Raga_OperaA watch is a classic gift for all occasions and also serves as a symbol of the good times you’ve had with the one you are gifting it to. Also, every time your sister will have a look at the watch to know what time it is, she will be reminded of you and your Rakhi gesture.

3. Handmade Jewellery Box

Motif-jewellery-box-CopyThis is a bit creative and requires some efforts to be put in by you. But none of your hard work will go waste because girls are the deepest admirers of art especially the one which is handmade. You can gift a beautiful jewellery box crafted and decorated by you.

4. Chocolates

chocolate-8Girls love chocolate. They can give you anything for a bite of that cocoa wonder. This is why chocolates have been used as gifts for a long time. A pack of some delicious chocolates is easily available in the market during the festive season of Rakshabandhan. It is a perfect gift for your sister if you haven’t given her the same last year.

5. Home Videos Compilation

Home-Movies-Season-4-Episode-13--Focus-GrillThis is more like the photograph collage but a bit more emotionally touching. You have spent your entire childhood with your sister and there are bound to be some crazy, sweet and funny videos of you two. Find these videos to make a compilation of the loving memories both of you have. This Rakhi, gifts her some memories.

6. Old Rakhis

rakhi1Most of the brothers don’t remember where their rakhis vanished after the Rakshabandhan day. But, there are some sensitive ones who may have saved all the old rakhis in a corner of their closet. Bring those old rakhis together to make a creative pack out of them and tell your sister how special she is to you.

7. Lord Ganesha Idol

dsc_0444_2_1Lord Ganesha is of great importance to the Hindu festivities. He is also considered the friendliest of all the deities. He signifies prosperity and happiness. Gifting a small idol of Lord Ganesha to your sister is more like gifting her all the happiness and success of the world. The idol stays with her for life, reminding her of your love and care for her.

These are the most special gifts you can present to your sister on this Rakshabandhan or the next one because of their universal youthfulness. These gifts will never become out of fashion. One can also gift them all on just one special Rakhi if he wishes to. Nevertheless, these evergreen Rakhi gifts will certainly bring a genuine smile on your sister’s face.

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