12 Signs That Show You Have a Perfect Sibling

Having a sibling is the best thing that can happen to a child. No matter how much we hate that annoying fellow in the house, we inexpressively love him/her even more. Brothers and sisters are companions for life. If your sibling has done all of the following things with you, trust me, you have the perfect buddy in your house.

1. Fighting For No Reason

arguing-siblingsSo, siblings fight and that’s much of a universal truth. But perfect siblings fight for no reason at all. Whether for a TV remote or using the bathroom first, perfect siblings fight either for no reason or for some meaningless reasons like these. If you have an elder brother or sister, you may have even fought for their insensitive remark stating that you may have been adopted by your parents!

2. Eating in One Plate

1402022_10153565684245722_1322761648_oAs kids, if you and your sibling have shared a plate to eat anything, so delicious that it cannot wait for another plate to come from the kitchen, then, you guys are perfect siblings that the house can get. This indeed helps to finish food faster. Weird but true.

3. Playing All Day

playful childhood siblingsYou may fight with each other, you may hate the fact that you have to share your parents with the monster your mom gave birth to, but, during your childhood, out of all the friends you had, you liked playing with your sibling the most.

4. John Cena Stunts

WWEThis one applies to all those who have grown with an elder brother who thinks he is John Cena Part 2. If you have been a victim to the famous Choke Slam move during your childhood, then, however, irresponsible he may seem at that time, you have a perfect elder brother.

5. School Complaints

Schools SiblingsAs the elder child of the house, if you’ve faced countless complaints from the school teachers regarding how mischievous and inattentive your little sibling is, then, at that time he may seem like the worst sibling ever, but, in fact, these are little memories that your perfect sibling is giving you.

6. Hiding Report Cards

ar130498358280883One of you may have been a bit weak at studies in school. You’ve got a perfect sibling if he/she has hidden your report card from your parents. This may have been done for a little bribe, but you have to admit that your sibling saved your life during school.

7. Sharing Dresses

Shastri Sisters celebrate Rakshabandhan with the Delhi Police Force

Sisters share dresses even in their 20s. This may be a bit annoying for either one or both of them, but this is something that cannot be changed. These days, sisters steal their brothers’ t-shirts and sweaters the most to get that funky look.

8. Homework Help

You might have done your sibling’s homework sometime or the other and may also have made your younger one do the favour for you as well. A sweet memory from a sweet childhood, if your bro or sis has done your homework anytime, you have the perfect sibling.

9. Broken Toys

1-old-forgotten-broken-toys-aleksandr-volkovYour parents got you guys the prettiest toys, especially during birthdays and one of the two happy souls broke all of them in just one crush of the feet. You’ve cried and hated that moment at that time, but if your sibling didn’t do such a thing, you may have done it to them, because this fact applies to all!

10. Mom’s Agent

That little one in your house has played ‘the detective’ role throughout your childhood and is continuing to do so even after adolescence. Your mom had no magic to know all your secrets, but, she did have a detective agent after you all along!

11. Money Matters

Siblings, keeping aside all their silly rivalries, help each other in their financial matters. From little piggy banks to massive bank accounts, their financial situations may change from time to time, but the ever binding love between siblings doesn’t change and each one helps the other in their lows.

12. Bodyguard Bestie

Schools SiblingsYour sibling is not just your brother or sister, but he/she also becomes your bodyguard as and when needed. There is this sweet little rule to which siblings all over the world abide by. It says, “Only I can bully my brother/sister”. So, if your sibling has acquired sudden confidence and courage to take down an opponent of double muscle, you’ve got a perfect bodyguard bestie by your side.

Siblings may fight all day, break each others’ toys and hate each other superficially, but, blood is always thicker than water and same is the case with the love and care that binds siblings together in an unbreakable bond of trust and comfort. Having someone to share your childhood with is a blessing for the beautiful memories of your life.

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