10 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is here and after completing all the rituals attached to the occasion, you’ve got a whole day spare with you. It’s time to celebrate this festival with your sister in the most interesting ways possible. Here we share 10 interesting ideas to celebrate Rakhi.

1. Visit Your Old School

SMSYou have spent a chunk of your childhood in your school and your sibling has been an integral part of your school life. All your complaints and praises have been shared with your sibling right there. This Rakhi, go and visit your old school together to revive the golden memories of your childhood.

2. Go To Your Village

dream_village-wideMost of the people spend their holidays in their respective villages where there is peace and serenity all around. Holiday is a time when you do a lot of leisurely things with your family especially your brother or sister. Going to your village on this occasion may bring back the same time again.

3. Go Clubbing

clubbingIf you and your sibling are always charged up with energy and exciting vibes, this option is for you. We party with our friends all the time but getting to enjoy a crazy clubbing environment with your sibling is a different experience altogether. This one is for the party freaks!

4. Watch Cartoons

kids_tv_cartoonkids_tv_cartoonThis one is a classic. We all have watched our favourite cartoons with our siblings and enjoyed watching them only in their company. Watching Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon was no fun at all sitting alone in front of the TV. Bring back that time again and get a DVD of your favourite cartoons to watch them together all day.

5. Give a Surprise Visit

Diwali-A.jpg.pagespeed.ce.-qyh6rv-jAWe live in a time when most of us have to post our rakhis ‘cause of the distance that has separated us from our brother/sister. This Rakhi, gives him/her a surprise visit and celebrate this occasion with all the rituals and traditions together. Give Skyping a break and commemorate the festival for real.

6. Go Through Your Childhood Photographs

2A119E2700000578-3125917-Now_and_then_Alina_Murphy_is_one_of_three_Australian_women_to_be-a-2_1435969280262Rakshabandhan is not just about a colourful thread or sweets; it is about the expression of love, care and support towards each other. All of your childhood is captured and expressed through your childhood photographs. Going through your childhood photographs together is the best way to bring back old memories and cherish them to the core.

7. Go on a Crazy Drive

DriveAs siblings, you guys have done all sorts of mischievous stuff and to celebrate the naughty yet sweet relationship of a brother and a sister, going on a crazy drive together is a great fun idea. A drive is not just going places but also knowing what’s up in each other’s lives through light conversations.

8. Play Video Games

becoming-a-video-game-testerYou’ve fought for them, you’ve fought over them, you’ve laughed while playing them; in short, you have had great memories attached to your video games. This Rakshabandhan, go back to the days of video games and become a child again. You’ve enjoyed them then and you’ll enjoy them now but only with a company.

9. Visit an Orphanage

DSC03460There are thousands of children in our country who don’t have anyone to celebrate festivals like Rakshabandhan with. This time, brings a smile on a few faces and visit an orphanage. Interacting with these kids and learning how important it is to have a family will bring you a bit closer to your siblings as well.

10. Go Shopping

Girls-ShoppingOk, so, it’s Rakshabandhan and sisters have all the rights to attack the pockets of their brothers. Instead of giving a normal gift to your sister, take her shopping and buy something to which you both agree. This may be a bit risky as shopaholic sisters may cost your wallet more than usual on Rakhi, yet, shopping becomes fun when you have one of the closest persons on earth to have a second opinion.

It’s celebration time. So brace yourself for the day and don’t let it go all dull and boring. Enjoy the essence of Rakshabandhan in the most unconventional yet exciting ways and make this Rakhi memorable for years to come.

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