10 Exclusive Rakhi Perks Only for Sisters

The festival of Rakshabandhan brings a lot more to the sisters than just the festival glories. There are a lot of perks attached to the occasion if you are a sister. Here we discuss 10 exclusive Rakhi perks only sisters are showered with.

1. Heavy Pockets

black-moneySisters wait for Rakshabandhan to buy an expensive thing at the mall because it is the only day of the year (except for birthday) when their pockets get heavily loaded with cash from their brothers. The most important and evident perk of being a sister and having a brother is having good money in your pockets.

2. Exciting Gifts

Titan-Raga_OperaIf you don’t get cash, you will get a gift instead! Rakhi is one occasion that empties the pockets of a brother to fill his sister’s closet with gifts. Another major advantage to a sister on this festival is that she gets the most exciting gifts for which she had waited all year long.

3. Attention

Girls are already much pampered in most houses and with Rakshabandhan being partially dedicated to sisters, the intensity of the same grows even more. Sisters are endowed with a lot of attention during this festival and yes, they enjoy every bit of it.

4. Extra Love

The magic of festivals lies in the fact that they have their typical effects on the people. Just like the other festivals, Rakhi too has its own magic and it shows when extra amount of love is bestowed upon a sister. Being Indians, emotions are the weakness of every common man and sisters benefit a lot from this fact.

5. Holiday

Girls-ShoppingLadies get an off on Rakshabandhan in India while men need to attend at least a half day at the office. This benefit applies to government workplaces and a few privately owned firms as well. Getting a holiday in the middle of a heavily scheduled office load is a blessing for the sisters.

6. Dressing Up 

Women love dressing up and occasions like Rakshabandhan provide them reasons which are good enough for wearing the best clothes and make-up. Also, wearing new clothes is one of the traditions of Rakhi and therefore, dressing up from top to toe becomes all the more special. What else would a girl want!

7. Chocolates

chocolate-8Girls usually have a sweet tooth and even if they don’t, their taste buds go crazy for chocolates. Rakhi is one occasion where chocolates are presented more than sweets. This is actually a modern day trend and is fast growing. Whatever is the market scenario, girls get chunks of chocolates on Rakhi and that’s all they care about.

8. Travelling

On an event like Rakshabandhan, as per the Indian traditions, sisters need to go and visit their brothers to tie the knot of trust and safety on their wrists. For some the travelling is only two steps away from their rooms. For others, travel takes a bit more time and is fun for the ones who like roaming around.

9. No Denials

It is Rakhi and sisters are very important to the festival. This is why nobody has the guts to deny anything that they wish for. From expensive gifts to delicious food, sisters get it all without a single negation from anyone. Pampering sisters attains a new level on Rakshabandhan.

10. Gossips

Families come together to celebrate fiestas like Rakshabandhan and there are too many siblings and cousins in a typical Indian family. Gossiping becomes quite evident at such events, which is one thing that women love doing the most. It’s more like a gossiping party for the sisters and the perks of the same are limitless.

Rakhi is a special day for both brothers and sisters and celebrating this occasion puts smiles on the faces of everyone. As is quite obvious from the above set of points, the benefit of the same to the sisters is a lot more than to anyone else in the house, which is probably the best thing about the festival for ladies.

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