6 Murder mysteries that shocked India

The current revelations in the Sheena Bora murder case in which her own mother is the prime accused have caught everyone’s attention. The media is back onto tracking the family history, reporting the twist and turns of someone’s personal life and almost solving the case by deciding the motive behind the murder. But this isn’t happening for the first time. There have been some murder mysteries earlier too which had caught the attention of both- the media and the general public. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Maneckshaw Nanavati Case

nanavati caseThis was probably the first high-profile murder case which came into limelight. Maneckshaw Nanavati was a highly decorated Commander in the Indian Navy and had settled in Bombay with his wife Sylvia and two children. Due to his official duties, he had to remain away from his family. A lonely Sylvia became close to her husband’s friend Prem Ahuja. Sylvia fell so deeply in love with Prem that she wanted to divorce Nanavati and marry him, but Prem became reluctant. A dismayed Sylvia confessed her affair to her husband. Nanavati was so disturbed that he took a pistol and six cartridges from the store in the naval base and went to Prem’s apartment. It is said that he first asked Prem if he really loved Sylvia and would marry her, but when Prem said no he fired three bullets into him and Prem dropped dead.

2. Vidya Jain Murder Case

Vidya Jain CaseAnother case of an extramarital affair leading to a murder. Dr. NS Jain was a high-profile, an ophthalmologist. He was also a doctor to the then president VV Giri. Dr. Jain was famous for his relationships with his female patients. It was this promiscuous behavior of his that led him to murder his wife Vidya Jain. Vidya was attacked when she was getting into her husband’s car to visit some relatives. Her body was found in a ditch from which the assailant allegedly emerged out in a dramatic fashion and attacked Dr. Jain too. But later it was found that Dr. Jain was actually deeply in love with her secretary Chandresh, whom he had fired from her job to maintain peace at home. However, Chandresh was given a house to stay by Dr. Jain and regular cheques amounting even more than the salary she used to earn as his secretary were deposited by Dr. Jain in Chandresh’s account. It was established in court that Dr. Jain and Chandresh wanted to marry each other and, therefore, conspired to kill Vidya.

3. Geeta and Sanjay Chopra kidnapping and murder case

Geeta-and-Sanjay-Chopra1You would have heard about the infamous duo ‘Billa and Ranga’, well this was the case they were involved in. Geeta (16) and Sanjay (14) were kids of naval officer Capt. Mohan Chopra, they lived in the officer’s enclave in Dhaula Kuan. The kids left their home for All India Radio where they had to participate in a program. But when their parents tuned into the radio at the scheduled time they heard some other girl’s voice. Capt. Chopra initially thought that the program must have got cancelled and left his home on his scooter to pick up the kids from the radio station at the scheduled time. On reaching there, he found that the kids didn’t turn up for the show at all. He reported to police and two days later, bodies of the two kids were found in the semi-decomposed state. Billa and Ranga were arrested few weeks later in a dramatic turn of events when they boarded the military coach of Kalka Mail and had a scuffle with the Army personnel. They were pinned down and handed over to the GRP.

4. Syed Modi Murder Case

syed-modi-2056052Syed Modi was a badminton player from Lucknow who won a Bronze medal in 1982 Asian Games and a Gold medal in 1982 Commonwealth Games. He was married to Amita, also a badminton player and had a daughter with her. Two months after his daughter was born, Syed Modi was shot dead outside the KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow when he was coming out of a practice session. But it was not just the murder which created sensation but also the people who were allegedly involved made headlines across the country. Kunwar Sanjay Singh, a member of the erstwhile royal family of Amethi was arrested after a CBI probe. Syed’s wife Amita was arrested too. The allegations against them were that Amit was having an affair with Sanjay therefore Sanjay, who belonged to an influential family had Syed killed. Although both Sanjay and Amita were acquitted in the case however they later got married and left all tongues wagging. Some believe that it was due to Sanjay’s political connection that the evidence against him and Amita were botched and as a result of which they were acquitted. Sanjay and Amita both are politically active and are considered very close to the Gandhi family.

5. Naina Sahni murder case

The-Tandoor-cas4015Famously know as the ‘Tandoor Kand’, this was one of a kind for its sheer brutality and cold-bloodedness. Naina Sahni was married to Sushil Sharma, a Congress MLA. Naina was also a Congress worker and was suspected by her husband of having an illicit relationship with a college friend and fellow Congress member. One day when Sushil came home he saw Naina talking on the phone to someone with a glass of liquor in her hand. When she saw Sushil, she hung up. Sushil became curious and redialed the number which turned out to be of the same person whom he suspected Naina of having an affair with. In a bout of anger he shot Naina dead and took the body to a local restaurant where, with help of the manager he chopped off Naina’s body and put it in the Tandoor to burn. Sushil is now serving a life sentence.

6. Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case

Aarushi murder caseThe most controversial murder mystery of recent times where a 14-year-old girl is alleged to have been murdered by her own parents. Apart from the skewed theories which emerge out of the investigation, it is one of the cases which have divulged many unpleasant truths about our society. The case started with a botched up investigation and a rapid judgemental conclusion by the UP Police that Aarushi’s murder was an act of honor killing committed by her parents. The theory then forwarded by the police was sleazy enough to catch the media’s attention. However, due to pressure from some ‘yet not so voyeuristic’ sections of the society, the case was transferred to CBI. Initially, the CBI snubbed the police’s theory and focused on the ‘escaped servant theory’. Surprisingly, the body of the escaped servant was later found on the roof of the same building. It displayed the sheer lack of quality in the UP Police’s investigation. However, another shocker came a few years later when CBI filed a closure report in the court. Criticized by the media, the agency took back its stand and made Aarushi’s parents the main accused in the case. As of now the Talwar’s have been convicted by the CBI court but given the legal options available with them and the many theories surrounding the case, the mystery is far from being solved.

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