Wife of Former Star India Chief arrested for Sister’s Murder

Indrani Mukherjea, the wife of ex Star india CEO, Peter Mukherjea was arrested in Mumbai on Tuesday after being found guilty in her sister’s murder mystery. Indrani, who himself is a senior media executive was being interrogated by a team led by Mumbai Police for hours, after which she was taken to the custody till August 31. The lady was the CEO of INX Media and INX News.


The dead body of Sheena Bora, her sister was found on the hills of Raigad, which is situated 84 kms from Mumbai. She was murdered in 2012 and Indrani helped disposing off the body.

The driver of Ms Mukherjea was arrested too a few days ago and he was the one who told the Police about her role in the murder. Moreover, he took Police to the spot where the remains of Sheena’s dead body were found.

According to him, it was a matter of property or financial dispute which led Indrani do such an inhumane and shameful crime.

But truth cannot be hidden for long. Isnt it!

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