Gujarat Faces Bandh Today, Curfew Imposed in Several Areas

On the appeal of Hardik Patel, a 21-year old Patel community leader, lacs of people came down on roads yesterday in order to get the Patels under reservation quota. Due to this, several areas in Ahmedabad and Surat faced some serious issues, which led the Police to impose curfew in order to maintain peace and avoid disturbing situations. Furthermore, mobile internet services have been blocked so that rumours cannot be spread through WhatsApp or SMSes, which are the major means of communication today.


Hardik Patel has officially called for Gujarat bandh today and has asked to maintain peace and remain calm. Schools and colleges in Ahmedabad will be closed today, where some incidents of stone throwing and buses being burnt were reported. In order to control the situation, Paramilitary forces have been engaged and the Union Home ministry has ensured its constant touch with the state government. As per officials, no violence has been reported after 2 last night.


Earlier on Tuesday, the Police had to led a lathi-charge on crowd present at GMDC ground in Ahmedabad where Mr. Patel was leading a huge rally. He was arrested but, however released within an hour. Replying on this, the state government stated that it cannot offer reservations to the Patels as it has already touched the 50% limit of reservation issued by the Supreme Court. There has been smaller conflicts between Patels and members of other communities as well who are opposing the reservation of Patels. These groups are already under reservation and might be protesting due to insecurity.

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