Extreme Foods around the World

There are countless mouth-watering dishes around the world. From deep fried to fully boiled, from heavily spicy to tasteless, people enjoy different varieties as per their choice. There are certain ingredients which give the final taste to a dish. Some things sweet and some things sour, but what are the extremes of such tongue stimulators? What are the extreme foods around the world? Let’s find out!

1. Sweeteststevia

The Sweetest edible food available on earth is Stevia. It is a plant which grows naturally in South America. The leaves of this plant work as a natural sweetener and to add to its herbal benefits, it is calorie free! There is actually no calorie in it and the sweetness is extreme. This is why Stevia is becoming quite popular worldwide in the recent times.

2. Spiciestspiciest

The title of the spiciest food would go to Jalapenos. These may not be the hottest but are indeed the spiciest of all the foods. Jalapenos are often used in hard drinks and may also be served as appetizers. Stuffed jalapenos make quite a starter dish. Trying this extreme food is not as harmful. Jalapenos were originally cultivated in Mexico.

3. Sourestsourest

Nothing can beat Lemon in sourness. The sourness of a lemon even surpasses that of a tamarind. The chills given by a lemon eaten raw are unbeatable. Just like other flavours, sourness is equally important an ingredient in many cuisines and most of the times lemon plays a vital role in doing the same.

4. Weirdest


With its origin in China, this is the weirdest food one can ever witness. The wine is made by putting in a whole snake in grain alcohol or rice alcohol. In most cases, the snakes are venomous but they do no harm as the effects of the venom become nil after the protein of the snake is unfolded.

5. AliveYing-Yang-Fish

This is a torture treatment to the Yang Yang species of fish. This fish is deep fried and kept alive throughout. Yang Yang is then served alive to the consumer. Its head is covered in a wet cloth while the body is deep fried. The dish is banned in Taiwan, Australia and Germany but can be found in China.

6. Bitterestbitterest

The simplest form of chocolate, i.e. unsweetened chocolate is so far the bitterest food. Unsweetened chocolate is made up of cocoa solids and cocoa butter which make it extremely bitter. This chocolate is used as a basic ingredient in many chocolate dishes and is supplemented with a lot of sugar.

7. HottestSONY DSC

Bhut Jolokia is the hottest chilli available on planet earth. This is a hybrid chilli grown in the north-eastern states of India. The chilli is so hot that it may even cause someone to die if the effects of having this pepper are not treated on time. This is why the people of north-east India like high on spice and chilli chutneys and sauces with their meals.

World’s most extreme tastes when mixed together in the right proportions result in some delectable dishes which eventually make some of the most exotic cuisines. However weird, sour, bitter, sweet or spicy they may be, these are indeed attractive to the taste buds of an extreme food adventure seeker.

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