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MARRIAGE in India is like a festival, it is a public affair here. It is a saying that marriage don’t happen between two people it happens between two families in India. It is not only finding someone with whom you gonna spend your life with, it is celebrating that thing with hundreds of people, together with loads of rituals and functions; spending a lot of your savings in that. Here are some fun facts about big fat Indian wedding.

1. It’s not a one-day thing

It’s not a one-day thing

Marriages in India are grand and lavish. The celebrations sometimes continue for the week. There is dance, drinks, and whole night chatting sessions of the family. The main task is followed by heaps of rituals (rasme).

2. Lots of money is involved.

Lots of money is involved

Many functions with many envelopes. There is also a tradition in India to gift envelopes of cash to all the relatives who are there; sometimes it feels that they are getting paid for attending the function.

3. All the relatives and not so relatives

All the relatives and not so relatives

In India, we call everybody to attend the wedding some of them you will see for the first time in your whole life. Lots of people meet and celebrate the wedding of two.

4. Grand mehndi and haldi functions Grand mehndi and haldi functions

The bride and groom get decorated with haldi from every person; in India we have songs for all occasions, Yes! haldi and mehndi too. Everyone is required to get mehndi it’s customary if you don’t put its bad luck.

5. Most dazzling sangeet ceremony.


A family bachelor party. A decent one. A crazy cracked time when every member of the family is on the floor trying to step-up on the beats. Sometimes the party loaded with celebrities too.

6. Groom and horses are the pairs.

Groom and horses are the pairs

In India, the groom comes riding a horse to take her bride with him. Though he comes on a horse and go in a car usually after the wedding.

7. Jewellery and the designer clothes

Jewellery and the designer clothes

Almost every women display gold jewellery that to lots of. Gold is a tradition here.
The bride is the one who seems like an overloaded pizza topping. But, yeah gold it is.

8. Exchange of garlands

Exchange of garlands

The bride and groom exchange garlands in a ceremony called jay-mala.This is one of the proof of marriage here and everyone claps, applauds, shout feels like someone has one the world cup or something.

9. Gifts moving around and everywhere its Food

Gifts moving around and everywhere its Food

Seems everyone is giving or taking gifts. Only in an Indian wedding you can find lines for food. In fact, some people are there only to eat.

10. Endless Tears.

Endless Tears

The whole big wedding comes to an end with tears appearing in everybody’s eyes. The whole family can be seen crying with the bride, after all its a tradition again to cry because you are leaving your home, your parents and what it feels like she is shifting to Antarctica or becoming invisible for forever.

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