5 creepy theories actually backed by scientists

Terminators, Transformers, I robots, Star Wars, Aliens we have seen many creepy possibilities being depicted in Hollywood sci-fi movies. But do you know there are many such creepy theories which are actually backed by scientists who are working in order to prove their practicality and possibility! As creepy, weird and fascinating as any sci-fi movies, these theories stem out of some already accepted and proven scientific principles and are therefore considered by scientists as worthy of being true.

1. We are nothing but a simulation

matrixEver played the SIMS? Now imagine that the characters in the SIMS had some intellectual powers! Well, there is a theory that we all living beings are nothing but just like the characters of the SIMS with intellectual powers. Creepy! Isn’t it? All our actions are being controlled by some gamer playing this game of universe. This may sound much like the concept of god n many religions across the world, but surprisingly there are scientists who actually believe in this theory and are actually working on to prove it mathematically and experimentally. The theory of the simulated universe was first officially published by philosopher Dr Nick Bostrom and is now proposed to be tested by some scientists.

2. There is another ‘You’ somewhere

Dog-and-Owner-in-Glovers-Parallel-UniverseThis theory arrives from the quantum non-locality principle of Quantum Mechanics. It states that when you look a particle at one place it might exist all over the place when you are not looking at it. Confusing stuff! Well, to simplify it- take an example of a voodoo doll. When, as the belief proclaims, if you pick a voodoo doll at one place a person at a far distance gets affected. Similarly, it is practically found that two quantum particles can instantly affect each other even when they are light-years apart. Some scientists believe it to be a proof of parallel universes co-existing with us. After all, we all are made up of these quantum particles, and so there can be another form of ourselves in a parallel universe.

3. We aren’t real

o-THE-MATRIX-AND-HINDUISM-facebookScientists believe that everything we observe in the universe (including us) is nothing but a projection of information coded somewhere in the cosmological horizon. In simpler terms, whatever happens today is written somewhere out there. Probably something like destiny! That is one of seeing it, now think of a holographic projection- no matter how real it seems to be, it is nothing but a digital apparition. Well, this theory suggests we are something similar. We aren’t real! Although this theory finds a wide consensus among theoretical physicist, but it has yet to be proven both mathematically and experimentally.

4. We will eventually evolve into supercomputers

LucyBelieve it or not but it has already started. Just look around and see the number of digital gadgets around you, and you will find that much of your life is dependent on digital machines. Now as per Moore’s law this dependency will increase manifolds in years to come. When that happens, our human organs will start becoming useless and as evolution suggests- will slowly disappear. But by that time we would have found a way to copy our brains into a computing machine. Our consciousness thus transferred to a computer, we would practically become computers and our body would totally disappear. This is called Transhumanism and is believed to be possible by many scientists including Stephen Hawkings.

5. Death is not the end

AfterdeathThis is a most debated philosophical subject. Many religions around the world have different beliefs about what happens when someone dies. The question has long troubled the scientists too and many theories and experiments have been tried to conclude an answer, but none of these have been unanimously accepted so far. With the on-going revolution in the field of quantum physics, some scientists are hoping that the answer to what happens after death lies in the understanding of quantum mechanics of the brain. If the human brain were to be understood as quantum mind, the neurons work quite much like quantum particles, transferring information in a method which is quite similar to the quantum non-locality principle. So if our neurons are really some kind of quantum particles then by the very basic principle of quantum physics that ‘no information is ever lost’, the information carried by our brain right now would exist even after our death.

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