18 Things Every Indian Mom Do To Show Their Love

India is known for two things, “MAA” & “CINEMA”. Indian mothers are unique when it comes to caring for their family. Moms are the closest things to everyone’s heart, functioning without them are next to impossible. Sometimes they act outrageously, unbelievably filmy! They can be ridiculously sweet, angry, happy & rude, at the same time. This is probably passed on from one generation to the other like a family heirloom. Your mother has been crazy enough to love you even though you probably aren’t worth it. Here are the things that she always do

1. Feeds You More Than Your Stomach Can Take And Eats Leftover Herself

Feeds You More Than Your Stomach Can Take And Eats Leftover Herself

She gives you a liberal helping of more nutritious food or more of butter with every dish & still thinks how weak you’re getting day by day. She always insists her kids to eat more than his/her capacity.

2. She Backs You Up When Your Results Are Too Poor

She Backs You Up When Your Results Are Too Poor No matter how badly you fail in an exam, you’ll still be the best kid. She doesn’t let you down when you get bad grades. She always boosts you up to do better in future. She’s there to sign your report card even when the grades can’t be appreciated. She feels happy when you speak even a word in English.

3. She’s Always Worrying About Everybody’s Health Other Than Her

She’s Always Worrying About Everybody’s Health Other Than Her

She tries to always gives her family every comfort. She’ll skip night sleep when you’re sick. Sometimes when her kids are having a sleepless night she also stays awake with them to make them feel better, and the very next day she wake up as usual and never complaints. She doesn’t get a leave from her responsibilities even when she is sick.

4. When The Kids Are Studying Late Night She’ll Check On Them Every Hour

When The Kids Are Studying Late Night She’ll Check On Them Every Hour

She’ll not sleep just to keep a check that if her kids need something. She’ll make a tea/coffee to keep you from dozing off. She’s the person who’ll never think anything beyond taking care of her kids.

5. You Will Always Be Her Baby

You Will Always Be Her Baby

Even her kids have their own children, you’ll always be called her loving kids. Mother’s love is never ending. Every time she’s ready to give you an extreme feeling of love and affection. Nothing could ever be compared to her love.

6. At The End Of The Day Story

At The End Of The Day Story

After a long hellish day, no matter what her mood is, a mother will always sit at the table, see you eating and listen to your complaints. She’s a box quoted on top of it as “your complaints are welcome here”.

7. A Mother’s Long Check List For Your Trip

A Mother’s Long Check List For Your TripWhen you’re going out for some days she will make you pack bulk of things. All a mother thinks that moment is her kids are out, they should be comfortable when she’ll not be present there to comfort them. She will ask you again and again if you’re physically well to travel anywhere.

8. A Mother ‘When You Lil’ Late For Home

A Mother ‘When You Lil’ Late For Home

At times when you’re late for home, she bombards you with worried sounding phone calls asking ‘where are you?’, ‘have you seen clock?’, ‘When you’ll reach back home?. A mother’s tongue gets super fluent to play a rapid fire game with you when you reach late home.

9. A Wake Up Alarm

A Wake Up Alarm

A mother acts as a substitute to alarm with no snooze button. She is the best person doing that job for her kids. Mother wakes you up with the sweet peck on cheek & say’s ‘Good Morning my king, it’s a new day’.

10. Mother’s Food

Mother’s Food

A mother’s kitchen is the cuisine where the yummiest food is prepared. She packs your lunch like you’re going for a 3-day trip! And she’ll go crazy if you miss anything like a pickle or a sweet dish. She’ll check lunch box daily when her kids return back home and if it’s not empty you’re in a big trouble for that day.

11. What Moms Are Best At?

What Moms Are Best At

They know how to deal with dad whenever he comes chasing after you. When dad gets super angry and is ready to whip you like hell, Maa leaves everything she’s been doing and comes running to your rescue. She’ll fuse the bomb of anger and protects you like a great warrior. And kids will be like Thank God mom came at the right.

12. Moms Are The Best Recommendation

Moms Are The Best Recommendations

Mothers would never miss a chance to remind you how she has given birth to a gem. No one can beat her perennial love. She loves you without any conditions. You’re not less than a Kohinoor Diamond for her.

13. Mommies Are Search Engines

She can find anything for you. Be it a missing comb, your phone, your important documents, or some direction in life. She guides you when you go out of life’s track. Even if you’ve lost the temper she’ll help you find it back.

14. Mothers Are Apprehensive

She can tell her kids what they need even before they themselves do. She’s so deliberate about you that she’ll come to know beforehand whenever you’re upset. Calling her magician would be so correct.

15. Moms Are Best Confidants


You don’t even need to think for once before sharing your secrets with her. She’ll keep your secret so safe in her mind’s locker. From every worry to every fun, from having the party with friends to falling in love, she will be there to hear your words.

16. She Hold Weapons

Let someone say something bad about you in front of her. It’ll be World War 3. She will fight for her kids. No matter if you’re wrong sometimes she will argue in your favour, just because she loves you the most. She can’t hold back her tears when her kids are hurt.

17. Mums Never Abandon Her Kids

At times, she may dislike you or scold you but she’ll never abandon you. She’ll come back and kill your forehead and say ‘don’t worry everything will be perfect’. Mothers never stop loving their kids. They are as precious as gold ornaments for them.

18. Mothers Always Stand By

Mothers Always Stand By

In your dark times, she’s the one person in the entire world who will stand by you and will never deny you a hug. She’ll help you out from your problems but will never show her pain.

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