Have a teenage that is cool, fun and very you! Try all that you haven’t before, be the nice kid and not that nice one too. Be the crazy head and the mature ones too. These ten things are something that you should just not miss in your teenage.  Have fun!

1. Develop a Hobby

photography-hobbyThe privilege of choosing your thing is here! Choose from the endless list, find a hobby that suits you, reflects you. From the ones as bizarre as watching daily soaps, to the patent ones like reading and painting; have a pick. Be a bathroom singer or dance the floor off. It’s the perfect age to do so.

2. Fight and learn to share with your Siblings

As we step into teenage we suddenly have this Eureka moment when we realize our siblings are kids! And obviously we aren’t. So have your moments of keeping the kids out of the forbidden territory! Fight a bit, have fun and make memories. And in the mid learn to share and to be at peace with them too!

3. Confess your Crush

DClear_Boy_Girl11On one mundane boring day, the most unexpected thing happens! Your picture-perfect love steps out of the realm of imagination. That one look and cupid works his trick! So what now? Are you just going to stare forever or wait for that one chance encounter! Come out of the closet and speak your heart out. Maybe your Romantic novel starts here. *wink*

4. Do an act of Responsibility

200464106-001The world is by far very busy in telling you that you are irresponsible, you never do anything right and doing it on time is just so not your thing! So buddy its revenge time! Do something that makes a difference; show them that you are way grown up then they understand. Help a neighbor, teach some kids, help with the groceries, or donate blood or vote. Let the responsible you be known.

5. Make a “To-Do List”

To Do ListWith a Bucket full of dreams, there is so much we want to do! From buying Ferrari to going on a World Tour! There is so much to do. So why not just jot all of them down. Create a To-Do list or Things you want to do before you turn 25. Wouldn’t it be fun walking down the memory lane after all these years and realizing that you were always Super Cool!

6. A vacation with your Grandparents

o-GRANDPARENTS-TEENS-facebookWhy not plan a Hill Station next time or see the beaches some other holidays and obviously all old structures are staying there for now! Spend a Vacation with your Old Folks, visit the countryside. After all inside that funky dude resides the super pampered Grand pa’s favorite kid! They would love it and trust me you would too.

7. A Change in your Style Definition

MakeoverWith so much transformation in your life wouldn’t a new style statement just be the ideal thing! Try a never before thing. A new hairstyle, some makeup or accessories, a dramatic wardrobe or even may be piercing! Give your style a twist of lime and yeah top it with some Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin and there you have a perfect recipe!

8. Play a Sport

teenage-sport-1024x682Playing was our cherished word when we were kids, the only thing that we actually bothered about! Why let that part of you sublime with age, be a cool teenager the hot one! Play a sport, be a part of a team and do it the Spartan way! Show off a bit and let the drooling spectators chant your name.

9. Create a gift for your parents

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe this Mothers’ or Father’s Day or may be on their birthdays or any other day that you feel like, make something for Mom and Pops! Make them feel loved and you get the title of the most adorable kid! A win- win! And obviously you can enjoy being extra pampered after it!

10. Dance in the Rain

enjoying-rain-desktop-wallpaper-hd-free-downloadBe uninhibited, be you! Enjoy your heart and do all the crazy! Dancing in the rain, watching the night sky, Try figuring out what the cloud looks like! Have the perfect moments before you are forced to study hard and do the adult thing. Live your era cause obviously you know you rock! *wink*

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