12 Crazy Things to do with Best Friend

Having a lot of friends is great, but no one can swap the position with your besties. They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst too, and they literally know everything about you. That is why you can act like total weirdos around each other. In the event that you are running out of ideas for fun random things to do with your friends, here is a conveniently compiled list of suggested wild activities for you and you company.

1. Go Retro

RetroBe your own photo models! Get your friends to find some old stuff too, so you can all glam up or get your hipster on and have a photo session for all to envy. You can strut your stuff at a park, or have your picture taken while simply posing on a bench in your 70’s disco suit.

2. Send Prank Texts

PhotoGrid_1438927480043Get everyone pull out their phones and choose a person to text, saying “stop that at once, you’re being ridiculous” or “I know what you’re doing, you ought to be ashamed of yourself” and then sit back and wait for the hilarious confused, paranoid responses. This must prove to be random fun for you and your best friends.

3. Veg Out

Food-Tasting-londonEvery once in a while you just make a plan like going out with just your best friends and taste every stuff from food stalls, restaurant, and cafes. Have a race of ‘how fast you eat?’ or ‘how much capacity you have of putting food in your stomach?’. This could be really ridiculously amazing idea for someone to spend time with besties.

4. Talk About Things Nobody Wants To Hear

_20150807_114031Make a call and talk about every nonsense stuff. From not showering to how long you’ve gone without doing crazy stuff to listening to you complain about that awful deodorant. Sometimes, no one really wants to hear about it, but best friends are obligated to listen.

5. Share Every Last Detail

Best friends know everything about you. The good. The bad. The ugly. The kind of weirdo you are. Call them to remind about the stuff they miss in their daily schedule, call them to tell your besties to whom you made a last call and for how long you were on the phone.

6. Use Code Signs To Get Out Of Certain Situations

Yes, there are certain looks best friends can give each other to be rescued from an uncomfortable situation. Like when an awkward moment arises. There’s a certain amount of time between being polite and being held hostage. Once you look at your best friend and s/he knows exactly what to do to rescue you.

7. Stalk People On Social Media

882e4b51316e41c8991485019a3db526When you’re with your besties, stalk people whom you don’t know on social media and actually keep tabs on their lives. Spot them out by saying ‘we have met those guys/girls once’, or someone mentioned their name, so naturally we need to know everything about them. People go through their profiles. Find old or new buddies on social sites.

8. Road Trips

Girls_WeekendBest friends are always up for spontaneous plans. Go on road trips, vacations, weekend gateways. It is during these trips that you become closer. The memories that besties make on a girls or girls boys both trip will last a lifetime.

9. Snuggle

PhotoGrid_1438930308758Sometimes you just need to share a bed, a pillow, and a long conversation and laugh about hysterically until their abs hurt with best friends. There is nothing weird about being with them to snuggle. They’ve been mastered the ability to talk whole nights and days about their past hilarious days or the future prince charming.

10. Get Together

Visit one of your best friend’s place and make up dance routines to your favourite songs. Perform them in private. Best people need not have any reason to enjoy, they just dance in an absolutely embarrassing ways and shoot videos and have the great time with each other.

11. Hang out

PhotoGrid_1438927427866Best buddies hang out for hours saying absolutely nothing. You guys are so deeply attached that you don’t even need words. Move out of your place without even planning about the place you want to hang out. Visit amusing places of your city, watch movies in a theatre, go to public gardens or museums.

12. Send Screenshots

Screenshot any or all texts and send it to your BFF’s group for backup. They help to analyze, theorize, and realise what every emoji or text means. They’re just amazing at guiding you what all to talk to any person who lies in special person’s category.

Your buddies are a little crazy and may be a little hard to handle, but that’s what make you from friends to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. They always give their shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen your complaints, your grievances, insanely horrible laugh when you need it, and a little bit of craziness to keep it entertaining. So, just strive the above mentioned random activities to do with your BFF’s to put a cherry on a pudding of friendship.

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