Lotuses Appearing On Bengaluru Roads

BENGALURU: The afternoon of Thursday came with a visual treat for the citizens of Bengaluru as they passed through the dusty old Airport road. Their eyeballs automatically got moved towards the numerous lotus flowers that appeared mysteriously on the sides of the road. However, soon after they realised that the flowers were not real, instead they were made up of thermocol.

Similar scenes were visible in the past where Crocodiles and Anaconda were seen that attracted the attention of the bypassers. Actually the local artists these days are using a unique trick to receive the attention of the local authorities. The old airport road has been dirt struck since months but the officials take no notice. With the Municipal corporation elections scheduled for Saturday, the vibrant red, pink and purple flowers were planted to throw light on the miserable condition of roads in the city.

Bengaluru has been facing many critical issues such as polluted lakes, dirty roads and poor traffic management. With the local and state authorities taking no responsibility, the local artists have decided to take the matter in their hands and using their creativity as the best possible way to bring a pleasing change in their city for the welfare of the people.

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