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13 Things You Should Know About Google’s New CEO Sundar Pichai

Another moment of euphoria has arrived for Indians as their fellow countrymen will be sitting on the throne of world’s largest search engine and what-not GOOGLE. Sundar Pichai is anointed as the all new CEO of Google by the company’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin. If someone can define Google in one word, then it is The internet. And from now on the Internet will be governed by an Indian. Well, it is truly a proud moment to think upon. The 43-year old Pichai Sundararajan, popular as Sundar Pichai joined Google in 2004. If you don’t know him yet, we have compiled his complete journey to fame from Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Mountain View, California.

1. Sundar becomes CEO of Google because of Alphabet

sundarpichai_reuters-1Sundar will be heading Google under a major restructured umbrella company called Alphabet. But the search engine based Google will still remain the largest subsidiary of its new parent company Alphabet. Larry Page has stepped down from the CEO of Google to head Alphabet with his co-founder Sergey Brien.

2. Google Inc holds 98 per cent business of Alphabet

Sundar will be controlling a business, aptly named Google, being responsible for more than 98% of future parent company Alphabet’s total revenue.

3. Sundar will be heading all the Business and not Larry Page

Sundar Pichai

According to Ross Sandler, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, the properties under Pichai’s control will be including Google’s main Internet businesses, from Google Search and Google ads to Maps, Apps, YouTube, Android and Google Play, which generated an estimated revenue of $59 billion this year and will see a 14% yearly increase.

4. His original name is Pichai  Sundarajan

SundarPichai’s real name is Pichai Sundarajan, he originally hails from Tamil Nadu. Sundar completed his primary school education from Padma Se shadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) in Chennai, later he went to one of the prestigious technical institutes of India, IIT Kharagpur. At IIT, Sundar was a student of Bachelor’s in Metallurgical Engineering.

5. Early Life

earlier life

The story of Sundar Pichai is just like another Indian middle-class family, in his adolescent years he shared his two-bedroom apartment with his parents and a younger brother. Sundar’s family was not having any Television in their house and his father owned a blue Lambretta scooter. His father worked as a senior Engineer in GEC, a British Telecommunications-based company, where he worked day and night to provide for his family and to ensure their good education.

6. Turning Point

Things took a U-turn in Sundar’s life when he grabbed a scholarship to attend the prestigious IVY League Stanford University to complete his Master’s in Material Sciences and Engineering. Sundar’s father applied for a loan to fund his trip and stay but couldn’t get it. The Pichai family withdrew all of their savings to send their son to California.

7. At Wharton School of Business

After obtaining Master of Science from Stanford University, Sundar also took a further notch and applied for an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s ivy-league-rated Wharton School of Business. At Wharton, he was honored as a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar, according to reports.

8. The man behind Chrome

The man behind Chrome

Pichai joined Google in 2004 and before that he worked at Applied Materials taking on a role in engineering and product management, and then at McKinsey & Company as a Management Consultant. Pichai joined as a Product Manager at Google and worked on their popular products like Search Toolbar, and also others like Google Gears and Google Pack. Pichai’s most notable venture at Google proved to be Google Chrome, which was a massive success. Pichai took it a responsibility upon himself and pitched forward the concept of Google’s own browser to co-founders, which was welcomed by everyone except the then-CEO Eric Schmidt. Today, Chrome holds 32 percent of the browser market on Desktops and phones and surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a long before.

9. A successful stint with Android

A successful stint with AndroidAfter Chrome’s success Pichai took over Google’s most successful products like Gmail and Google Docs in 2011. Later Sundar was anointed to operate Google’s globally acclaimed mobile operating system Android in 2013. SundarPichai became a subject of exuberance for Indians when he was appointed as the Google Product Chief where he took control over Google+ and Google Maps. These inclusions made SundarPichai, the third most powerful person at Google and also the right hand for Larry Page’s (CEO, Google since 2011).

10. He has no enemies

Sundar Pichai has always been different and a step ahead visionary at Google. The former head of Chrome and Android is highly appreciated for his work and is known for his skills of handling corporate politics. According to one of his colleagues, Sundar avoided making enemies and always navigated through corporate politics. He was smart and easily used to make his team successful and inflicting least damage to the opponent team.

11. Likability

Sundar Pichai’s likability was one of the major reason of his success that he raised rapidly from a product manager to CEO.

12. Good at dealing with partners

sundar pichaiSundar Pichai is also the man behind Google’s smooth ties with partners like Samsung. He recently visited India and launched the Android One initiative by collaborating with local manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn, and Spice.

13. Making India Proud

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is the true proud of India, joining the leagues of Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) blossoming the Silicon Valley. Pichai is also the first non-white to head Google.

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