Top 10 Trekking Trails Of The Himalayas

The ultimate love of adventure- seekers are some highly daunting trekking trails and no other place in the world can do justice to such treading heavens than the Himalayas. The Himalayas have some of the most adventurous and famous treks on the planet. The top 10 trekking trails of the Himalayas are given below.

1. Chadar Trek

Chadar trek

Chadar Trek is done on the frozen river of Zanskar in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a 13-days long journey over the beautifully frozen river and is done between mid-January and February. At few places, the river is not iced and the trekkers then shift their route towards the higher reaches of the banks.

2. Gomukh-Tapovan Trek

Gomukh-Tapovan Trek

Goumukh Trek is undertaken from May until October and takes 12 days to be covered on foot. This trek runs along the Bhagirathi River and reaches its source on the foot of the Gangotri Glacier. Tapovan is an equally beautiful meadow where trekkers enjoy camping amidst several high peaks of the Gharwal region. One can be lucky if he/she witnesses the sight of the blue mountain goat.

3. Markha Valley Trek


Markha Valley Trek is a 12-days long trek to the lunatic Markha Valley in Ladakh. This trek is highly daunting and runs through two passes, Ganda La and Kongmaru La and also the meadows of Nimaling in Kang Yatze. Once reaching Kongmaru La, you can see the beautiful Karakorum mountain range. Walking across the Markhha River and staying in little tea stall tents spread over the trek are some interesting delights on the way.

4. Lord Curzon’s Trail

Lord Curzon’s TrailThe Kuari Pass Trek is also known as Lord Curzon’s Trek and is a trail running through the greater Himalayas. This is why this Trek offers huge panoramic views of the beautiful Himalayan peaks. The trek can be undertaken from mid-April to June and from September to November for 10 days.

5. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga TrekThough quite easy to tread upon, this is also a very mesmerising trek into the mid-Himalayas and is located in Himachal Pradesh. Reaching Kheerganga takes about 3 to 4 hours covering 11kms. There are several art cafes run by the locals and some Israelis to give you a peaceful resting area and meal joint.

6. Shepherd’s Trek

Shepherd’s TrekThis trekking trail is of moderate difficulty level and is located in Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers walk across the Himalayas of this region from mid-April to June and from September to November. The trek covers areas from Manali to Bara Bangal which is a beautiful shepherd village. The highest peak of the region called ‘Hanuman ka Tibba’ or ‘the White mountain’ is unspoilt and heavenly in its splendour.

7. Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga TrekA challenging trek towards the magnificent views of the four highest mountain peaks, Mt Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Kanchenjunga. The trek passes through one of the highest passes of the world, Goecha La Pass on its 20 days long walking trail. The elevation level is gradual towards the heights and this is why one has ample time to get familiarised with the decreasing level of oxygen.

8. Annapurna Trek

Annapurna TrekThe trek towards Annapurna Range in Nepal goes up to an elevation of more than 18000 feet above the sea level but the altitude doesn’t wear you out of oxygen because of the massive vegetation found at such a great height and also because of the snow-covered peaks. The trek takes about 10 to 12 days to be completed and is an easy one.

9. Lake Tilicho Trek

Lake Tilicho TrekLake Tilicho is also located in Nepal. This is the place where Bhasundi is believed to have narrated Ramayana to Jatayu. The trek is very dangerous and difficult to go across but is very interesting for adventure-lovers. The elevation goes up to 17000 feet with a cold landscape and beautiful mountain ranges.

10. Valley of Flower Trek

E50-345933Dazzling colours charm the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand when the Valley of Flowers is in full bloom. This is the best time to go on a trek in this lovely valley. Pushpavati, a tributary of Alaknanda River passes through this region and makes it extremely beautiful and colourful. A 7-day trek, this one is a must tread for all those who love The Himalayas and their enormous natural formations.
Walking over high mountain passes, mountain ranges and some swift rivers is a modern day dream of the youth. Trekking in the Himalayas provides exactly this sort of adventure to such brave hearts. Undertaking the above treks is a must for explorers of the mountains.

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