This Mother Killed Three Sons in 13 Months, The reason Will Blow your Mind

Humans can be so cruel sometimes. You must have heard numerous cases where a human being gets involved in such a brutality that he no longer deserves to be called one. A similar incident happened in Chicago recently when Brittany Pilkington was charged of killing her three sons in a row in a duration of 13 months.

The reason she gave will blow away your mind. According to her, she was protecting her daughter from “not being loved” as the lady noticed that the father, Joseph Pilkington was giving more priority to the boys in comparison to the girl child.

Brittany Pilkington called 911 on Tuesday at 3 a.m. and reported that her three month old baby, Noah, isn’t breathing. After hearing this, the police started investigating the scene as it was the third similar incidence in the same house. After digging deeper and deeper, the officials were stunned to find that all three sons were intentionally killed, none other but their own mother. On interrogation, Brittany revealed that she murdered all her three sons by suffocating them to death by blanket. She stated that she wasn’t liking the fact that his husband, Joseph was paying more attention to the boys than the daughter, who will turn four this month.

Earlier, Noah and his sister, Hailey were removed from the house as the police officials were investigating the second son’s, Gavin’s death. But contrary to this, the judge sent both of them back after being determined that none of the two boys died of suspicious reasons. Justifying this, the child protective services stated that they only try to keep the family together, hence they insisted on sending the two kids back to their home and the nuisance happened.

The lady has been charged of three murders and is currently under police custody. Commenting on this, the Bellefontaine, Ohio police department added, “The deaths leave a pit in our stomachs. Our condolences go out to the remaining family members and friends who have supported this family through this very difficult thirteen months.”

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