8 Foods That Punjabis Can Never Miss Out On

Punjabis are famous for their sweet language, helpful nature, their Bhangra, Gidda and mostly importantly their delicious food. The dishes of Punjab are popular all over India. If you go to Punjab, you must have their awesome food at the roadside dhabas. Everywhere in Punjab you will get finger licking food with loads of butter because Punjabis themselves love to eat. If you are a Punjabi and you don’t love food, then you will be called abnormal. Below are some dishes that Punjabis can never miss out on.

1. Aaloo ke Parathe

Have you ever seen a Punjabi satisfied with bread and butter or cereals in breakfast? No way! This kind of breakfast would be like grass to a Lion. Aaloo de parathe with loads and loads of butter- this is the staple breakfast for Punjabis. They simply cannot survive without Parathas.

2. Lassi


Kullhad Lassi

Lassi is a must with all the meals. The delicious thick lassi is as essential as water to Punjabis. In summers, you will see everybody in Punjab with a large glass full of Lassi with all the meals. They love dairy products like milk, lassi, curd, paneer and cream. You must try sweet lassi with ‘Malai’ sometime. You will get to know why Punjabis love it so much.

3. Makki di roti, Sarson da Saag

Sarso ka ssagThis is one of the specialities of Punjabi people. This is what is majorly cooked in every Punjabi household during winters. Not only the Punjabis, anybody else who tries it only once, starts loving it.

4. Rajma Chawal

Rajma ChawalRajma Chawal is something that makes everybody happy. You go to any Punjabi restaurant; rajma chawal will be definitely there on the menu.

5. Butter Chicken

butterchickenPunjabis without chicken? Not possible. Butter chicken and Tandoori chicken are their favourites. Butter is something on which they can never compromise.

6. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani‘Makhani’ is important in dal. Without cream and butter in dal, the dal seems tasteless to Punjabis. Pure butter is something that you can find at every Punjabi household. A lot of paneer and ghee goes into Punjabi style cooking. Amritsari dal makhani is popular all over India.

7. Chole Bhature

Chhole BhutreChole Bhature might look oily to you. But Punjabis don’t care about having a zero figure. Taste matters the most to them. Chole Bhature with imli ki chutney and onions is the best combination.

8. Panjiri

PanjiriThis is a proper Punjabi dessert. A lot of dry fruits, ghee and aroma of this dish will make you drool. Not only Punjabis, but everyone loves this sweet dish. The Kadha Prasad- Halwa is also something that they love to have.

Punjabis don’t care about being fat or slim. They live for food. Punjab has retained its culture through its food. They love to eat as well as love to make others eat. This is the best part about them that they feed others too with all their heart. You must go to Punjab once to see their hospitality. Enjoy authentic Punjabi food there, don’t be diet conscious. Eat as much as you can, your appetite might get filled but the heart will not.

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