7 Things That You Can Relate With If You Love To Sleep

Sleeping is the most relaxing thing in the world. It makes you forget about all the tensions, problems and worries. Science says it even burns calories! There are people who sleep for the sake of sleeping. But there are the ones who sleep because it their passion. Sleeping for mere 6 hours is like not sleeping at all. You never be satisfied from sleeping. It is like dessert, you always want more. Below are some things that only those who love to sleep can understand.

1. You love your bed and Pillow

You love your bed and PillowOnly the sight of your bed and your pillow makes you sleepy every time. Your pillow seems so cosy that you only want to lie down at once. No matter if its daytime or you have some other work to do. What can be more important than sleeping in your soft and cosy bed for as long as possible?

2. Alarm Clocks are your Enemies

Alarm Clocks are your EnemiesMorning is the best time for sleeping. But when your alarm clock rings, you just feel like smashing it and never hearing it again. They are the worst enemies of your lovely sleeping time. Even if somebody calls on your cell phone when you are sleeping, you feel like giving them a punch through the phone.

3. Just 5 More Minutes

Just 5 More MinutesThis is your only thought every morning, as if 5 more minutes can fill your appetite for sleeping. For a person who loves to sleep so much, 5 minutes or even half an hour does not make much difference.

4. You Hate Mornings

You Hate MorningsWho says sunrise is beautiful and you must watch it? Mornings can never be lovely. They are responsible for disturbing you in your dreams. They are like nightmares. Even you get up in the middle of the night, only thought pinging in your mind is that how much more time is left for sleeping. Mornings can never be good for such people.

5. Your Love Your Night Wears

Your Love Your Night WearsThe minute you step into your room, you will feel like wearing your night wears and slipping into your bed at once. These clothes are not only comfortable but give you a relaxing feel. They help you to make sure in your mind that next thing you are going to do is sleeping.

6. You can Skip Anything

You can Skip AnythingWhat can be more important than sleeping? Dinner dates can be converted into lunch dates, Late night movie shows into evening shows. You can always hang out with friends in the day time. All the plans can be postponed or cancelled for sleeping.

7. Power Naps

Power NapsWho says coffee, tea and energy drinks freshens you up. It’s the power naps that help the most. Sleeping for mere an hour is helpful. Sleeping is the powerhouse for those people who are in love with sleeping. The place doesn’t matter much. You can have a power nap in the office, in the car, in a classroom or anywhere. You don’t even need silence for that, just forget what is happening around and sleep.

People who don’t love to sleep can’t understand these things. For them ‘Sleep Lovers’ are the lazy people who don’t like to work. They actually don’t know the feeling sleep gives. Mornings are not as beautiful as sleeping. You can watch sunset instead of sunrise. You can go for an evening walk instead of a morning walk. This is suitable for people who love to sleep ‘Early to bed and late to rise, make a person healthy, fresh and wise’. GOOD NIGHT is the favourite word for such people.

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