5 Situations In Which You Feel Betrayed By Your Friends

Nobody can survive without friends. They are the ones who are with us through thick and thin. But all of us feel heart-broken sometimes due to our friends. There are situations when you feel like murdering your friends. They often intentionally do things that will irritate you. Teasing, fighting, arguing etc are all parts of friendship. Below are some situations when you feel that they are not your friends but enemies at least for few minutes.

1. When your friend scores more than you

When your friend scores more than youRemember Three Idiots? It hurts when you score fewer marks in an exam, but it hurts even more when your friend scores more than you. You feel betrayed when the friend who studied with you, equally how much you studied, but he stabs you in the back and somehow manages to score better. The only song that strikes you mind is, Dost Dost na raha…

2. When they are talking to your crush

When they are talking to your crushA friend is the one who helps to turn your crush into your partner. The worst moment is seeing your best friend talking to your crush. This is the moment when you think that going to jail for murdering your traitor friend is completely worth it! Back stabber…

3. When they buy something without telling you

When they buy something without telling youWhen your friend has the same old laptop or cell phone like you, it gives some satisfaction. But when your friend buys a new laptop or phone better than yours and even teases you, you feel stabbed in the back. Your best friend having a smartphone and you, having old hardly working Nokia phone makes you feel betrayed.

4. When they eat the last slice of pizza

When they eat the last slice of pizzaA true friend is the one who offers the last bite of a dessert or the last slice of pizza to you. Fighting for last pizza slice, this is what friendship is all about. You might do anything for your friend, but sacrificing the last slice of pizza is the most difficult task. So if your friend makes this sacrifice, count him/her as your true friend!

5.When they get a hot girl or a handsome guy

When they get a hot girl or a handsome guyIf both you and your friend are single, it’s perfectly fine. The saddest part is when the friend gets committed and you remain single. Nothing in this world can be more depressing than this situation. Your vows of remaining single along with the friend are battered in front of you. You will not only feel jealous but also feel betrayed because of the disloyalty of your friend. For the days to come, you will be praying for the break-up of your friend with his/her partner.

These are some of the situations when you realise the treachery of your friend. You burst out on your friends, abuse them, call them traitors, don’t talk to them for some time, don’t pick up their calls, and don’t respond to their messages. But these feelings of betrayal are only momentary. These small things can never put a full stop to your friendship. Without these fights and arguments, there will be no spice in any relationship. So continue to fight, argue and having fun with your friends. You don’t find true friends very often in your life.

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